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Perfect For Families: Oreck Tru Response

There are a few memes that go around every spring, including this one, that make me chuckle because they are oh so true. When the warm weather hits, windows get opened, and everyone in the neighbourhood knows what your household is up to because of the sheer volume of it!

When we moved to this neighborhood four years ago, one of our neighbors even tactfully mentioned how “nice” it was that we were here, as before us, there weren’t the sounds of yelling/laughing/playing kids in the yards and now, well – here we are! I know she meant well but I couldn’t help but chuckle at the comment – yes, we are always out and about and when my windows are open you definitely know it.

The thing is, I LOVE SUMMER and having our windows open all day and most evenings too – to let in fresh air. Having kids with allergies I always thought it was the best thing I could do to open the windows and let all that fresh air in and dust and stale air out – right? It turns out, I’m also letting in all the environmental triggers that plague them so much along with that fresh air. Whoops.

Not about to give up my fresh air (and stage to the world to hear my 7 year old and I debate exactly how many more bites of her supper is going to free her from the supper table), I realized that air purifiers are the way to go year-round. Certainly beneficial in the winter months when our furnace circulates the air through our house, an air purifier can also be immensely helpful in the summer months when both indoor and outdoor allergens and impurities (and hey, just regular ol cooking smells) can be in the air.

We received the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier to test in our household and immediately put it to work! There are several things that make this product stand out from its competitors – the first is the compact size. We use an air purifier on our main floor and it’s a stand-alone unit, tucked beside an end table and pretty enough that it blends into the decor, however the appeal of the Tru Response is that it’s meant for table-top placement because of it’s small size. We placed it on our daughter’s bedroom because it’s one of the smallest rooms in the house, is carpeted, and is full of stuffies and toys and blankets and pillows and who knows what else. I knew that her room needed some air-quality help and immediately upon plugging in the Oreck Tru Reponse and turning it on, my suspicions were confirmed.

You see, the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier has DustSenseTM technology, utilized as an Air Quality Indicator Bar which will illuminate when you have the the AUTO mode activated. This then allows the fan speed to respond to the air quality accordingly. Blue = low particle count, Purple – medium particle count and Red = high particle count.

After a few minutes after initially setting up, the Air Quality Indicator Bar turned purple and the fan speed slowed down some. Now it alternates between blue and purple most days, however I chuckled when I dusted the top of her shelf, above the unit, and the air purifier responded – almost as if annoyed at me – by the indicator bar turning red and the fan speed increasing to deal with the dust I had just added to the air in the room!

My other favourite feature is the fact that there’s no need to replace the filter – ever! As air passes through the Tru
ResponseTM, DustSenseTM technology monitors and detects the amount of particles in your air, automatically responding to
deliver cleaner air via Oreck’s patented Truman Cell® filtration system (permanent filter that never needs replacing). Truman Cell® technology works like a magnet, attracting and capturing dust and allergens from the air while the Helios Shield® (permanent filter never needs replacing) combined with UV light reduces VOCs and provides advanced odour control. And when the Truman Cell® gets dirty, simply rinse / let it dry / and reinsert for long-lasting use.

I like utilizing this in my youngest’s bedroom not only for the air purification but also because the light fan noise works as a little bit of white noise too so that’s a bonus. It even has, as noted above, Night mode with Silence Technology to dim the lights and set the fan speed to low so it’s a constant, quiet, sound all night (no increase in fan speed if it senses that extra dust in the air, for example!)

Look for the Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier right now at ($199) and get ahead of the summer allergens, dust and household cooking smells, windows closed or gloriously open for the neighbourhood to hear.

One of my very lucky readers is going to win an Oreck Tru Response Air Purifier! To enter, simply fill in your name and email address and click BEGIN! Then leave a comment on this blog post sharing which room in the house you think you’d use it most!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Oreck Canada. All commentary and opinions are, as always, my own.


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