Step Outside the (Chocolate) Box for Mother’s Day Gift Giving

Now that May is (finally!) here, if your family hasn’t started thinking about Mother’s Day, it’s time to start dropping hints.

While many of us may live further away from parents and in-laws, and will send a card and flowers, stats show that moms today aren’t interested in chocolates and flowers as much as they’d like to be gifted an experience. The “show me” aspect of Mother’s Day. It’s certainly not about a loud display of your love for mom, but rather demonstrating how much she’s appreciated by tapping into some unique ideas.

And with some insight from Capital One, I can help!

In anticipation of Mother’s Day, Capital One asked Canadian Moms what they really want for Mother’s Day and asked Canadians what they repeatedly find themselves gifting. I then took those survey results and found some ideas here in Regina, SK that would make for an amazing gift! If you’re not local you can certainly find a business or similar idea in your city!

Give Mom Time To Be Creative

Almost half (49%) of Canadians gift flowers for Mother’s Day when only 2 in 5 moms (37%) actually want flowers. It’s mom’s special day, so why not take the time to ensure you’re treating her to exactly what she wants?

Wine and paint events are a favourite among moms but why not take it one step further and get mom a gift card towards a creative class at a location close by? Mable and Martha’s Vintage Style Decor in Regina offers painting classes and, for example, mom can learn the super-popular barn wood painting technique (I have it everywhere on my main floor!) and then apply it at home.

Treat Her Like The Queen She Is

Whether dining out, making her favourite meal from scratch or wearing PJs and ordering in, 53% of Canadian moms want dinner and 36% of Canadian moms want brunch. Even though over half of all Canadian moms (53%) would like dinner for Mother’s Day only 35% of respondent’s gift mom dinner.

Here’s a unique idea from The Hotel Saskatchewan! Bring mom to the Mother’s Day Tea. Dine like the Queen, Kate and Meghan on Friday May 11, Saturday May 12 or Sunday May 13 from 2:30 – 4:00PM. Call 306.337.4311‬ to reserve your spot (they can share more details on pricing and menu).

Take A Step Outside Her Comfort Zone

Gift-givers take note! Millennial moms prefer to receive experience-based gifts for Mother’s Day such as dinner (60%), brunch (45%), a spa day (60%) or simply alone time (52%). However, only 35% of Canadians say they typically gift dinner, 19% gift brunch, 9% gift a spa day and 11% are gifting alone time.

I will always take the time to sign up the kids for exciting activities and events before thinking about scheduling something fun for myself. There are only so many days in a week and they’re typically filled with kid’s activities. If there is something offered locally that mom has mentioned her friends doing, or that she might try out “when the kid’s activities slow down” now is your time! Get her a gift-certificate for a class or punch card to go as often as she likes, and then remind her that self-care makes her an even better mom in the end.

We checked out Regina Climbing Centre as a family, and this is definitely something I’d go back and do with girlfriends too! I got a great workout, overcame (maybe, sort of) some fears, and had some laughs this past weekend.

At the end of the day, Mother’s Day is important to me to take for myself and celebrate! I earned it! BUT, I also don’t want my family to overspend or do something outrageous that will frustrate me later since I am – after all – a frugal mom!

Capital One reports that only 15% of Canadians always follow a budget when it comes to Mother’s Day shopping and almost 2 in 5 (39%) do not set aside a specific budget for Mother’s Day spending. Occasion spending is a crucial factor in building a budget and one that is often not accounted for. Setting aside a pre-determined amount for Mother’s Day will take some stress off your wallet when it comes to occasion spending and make mom happy the following week when she’s doing the monthly budget too!

For more budgeting tips and Mother’s Day shopping advice, check out Capital One’s twitter page @CapitalOneCA and for more information visit

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, my own!


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  • Great tips! I’m not big on material gifts, but definitely take me to dinner! Both Mother’s Day and my birthday are guaranteed days off from me cooking supper.

  • I like flowers for mothers day and off course chocolate. An experience would be nice too!

  • awe Mother’s day afternoon tea sounds like a relaxing and neat idea. definitely different then something we do with my mom every year.

  • great ideas, we used to love taking Mom on mothers day to the greenhouse to pick out our bedding plants she loved it

  • Mothers Day doesn’t have to be all about gifts, for me I’m happy if my girls just call me and wish me a happy day!

  • This year for Mothers Day I bought my 76 year old mother a pair of Saddle Shoes because she has been looking for them for a couple of years. The reason she wants them so bad is because they remind her of her teen years back in the 1950’s when she had an original pair.
    I can’t wait until she sees them because I know I’ve bought the perfect gift for her !

  • Spending time with moms is the biggest gift. I really like the Mother’s Day Tea idea.

  • I like to treat my Mom to a special adventure every Mother’s Day. We often take time to go for a walk, enjoy a nice lunch and have a pedicure.

  • Thanks very much for the great tips. My daughter likes to surprise me every year and always makes my Mother’s Day extra special. The best part is relaxing with no cooking or clean-up!

  • I usually only get to see my mom once a year – in the summer – so celebrating mothers day happens then. I feel like it’s nicest when you are together – no matter what you do.

  • My mom is in her 80s and I feel so fortunate to be able to phone and talk to her any time I want to. So many of my friends have lost their moms and I feel bad for them as a talk with your mom is great no matter how old you are. I call her often. For Mother’s Day we are going out for dinner and my daughter and family are joining us. As for myself I would rather get together or have a phone call from my kids rather than a gift.

  • some really neat and cool ideas in this post! Mother’s day should be about experiences rather then elaborate gifts.

  • I am happy with just a card made by my kids along with some hugs and kisses. But, some take-out and a spa gift certificate would be welcomed, for sure.

  • I call my mom every day, and I really look forward to that time. Sometimes we are both relaxing, sometimes we are both working, but still it’s nice to check in and see how everyone is doing. They moved to Georgetown a few years ago, so I miss seeing my parents ever week like we used to, but it just makes the time we have together even more special.

  • Mother’s Day afternoon tea sounds lovely! Quality time – that’s what’s most important for me.

  • I love getting to spend time with my mom on mother’s day, or in recent years we have done an adventure like a picnic in Jasper or a day trip. Don’t really need a spa day, or presents, just time together.

  • To me Mothers Day is just another day. It shouldn’t be recognized as a “holiday”. The moment you become a parent makes every day Mothers day or fathers day. I think we need to remember to be grateful every day for all our parents have done for us and let them know as often as possible how much we love and appreciate them.

  • such great ideas. Just taking her shopping or out for coffee is great for an elderly, widowed mom.

  • It’s nice to do something as a family for Mother’s Day. Spending time together is more important than the amount of money spent!

  • I have always enjoyed the time spent together with my family or sometimes even just a peaceful afternoon to myself, rather than the gifts for Mother’s day. 🙂

  • We enjoyed our presence this Mother’s Day. My brother and I each took our daughters and Grandma to experience Science World. What an outing! We had a blast! 🙂

  • Always found it tough. My mom is diabetic so sugar is out (finding sugar free chocolate USED to be hard). Flowers are a good alternative though. 🙂

  • We love “doing” gifts in our family – lots of great ideas here! Time spent together is the best gift.