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Say that 3 times fast!

There are certain times of the year when saving money really becomes a priority for me, and of course it coincides with times when money seems to be flowing like an open tap! Spring, tax season, is one of those times. I cringe when paying taxes (don’t we all) and think to myself every time, “I really need to figure out a way to save more.” Yes, even the girl who runs a business with FRUGAL in the title can still use a reminder and refresher from time to time.

This week at Global Regina, I shared my tips for saving money on those every day items all households use – food and cleaning supplies – so that we have more left over at the end of the month. It takes a little bit of planning and paying attention at the til, but everyone can do it! Check out the segment below:


Here are some of my tips from the segment:

1. Flyers first, meal planning second.

Build your meals for the week ahead on what’s on sale. If there’s a great price on ground beef, figure out one or two meals utilizing ground beef (and then consider buying in bulk and freezing if you have the room!) My favorite App for finding sales is Flipp App! It’s available for both iPhone and Android (you can also visit the website Flipp.com).

Simply search for your favorite stores (you can also select stores as favorites making your app use more efficient) and then tap on items of interest to add to your virtual shopping list. Really want red peppers to add to your recipe but wonder where they’re on sale? Simply search for a specific item and any store flyers that feature that item will pop up! I love this feature!

2. Use Coupons!

Despite what some of the extreme-coupon TV shows share, you won’t become a hoarder with a bunker full of product by using coupons (Canadian retailers have much different rules when it comes to coupon-stacking and other techniques used in the US) but you will save money with very minimal effort.

Flipp App now has coupons as well (it just keeps getting better and better!) Simply select the coupon, the store you purchased (or plan to purchase) the item from, and upload your receipt for an instant rebate. Or, clip the coupon virtually and print to take to the store with you. I really like that Flipp shows you which retailer has a product on sale too!

There are a few websites where you can always find great coupons as well – look for coupons at pgeveryday.ca and save.ca to start! These have both been great resources for me for years. I don’t think I’ve ever paid full price for laundry detergent in the past decade!

3. Pay Attention At The Cashier!

A great deal is only a deal if you actually pay the correct price. Scanning errors happen every day in Canada and we all have overpaid at the till without realizing it. Did you know, if an item scans for more than the advertised price or price on the shelf YOU could walk away with it for free? It’s true!

scanning code of practice sticker

SCOP (Scanning Code of Practice) is a program that select stores voluntarily participate in to help give consumers peace of mind knowing they WANT their scanners to be accurate at the til, because otherwise it’s their loss – you can get that item for free (if it’s under $10) or at a $10 discount (if the item is over $10). Sounds too good to be true, doesn’t it? It’s not, it just takes effort on your part as the consumer to be aware and ask for that discount. A list of participants in the Scanning Code of Practice can be found at the link. I’ve used it at Shoppers Drug Mart, Walmart and Superstore many times!

4. Sign Me Up!

I didn’t mention this in the segment, but another tip to remember is to always sign up for and use rewards cards. Points accumulate fast (especially if you attach it to a credit card) and those points can be redeemed for FREE items. I like free.

What tips do you utilize the most when shopping? Or has this post reminded you that you need to start incorporating some of these ideas into your budgeting?

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post. All opinions are, as always, my own.


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  • Scanning Code of Practice is the best kept secret. It’s been around for so long, yet most of the cashiers in my stores have never heard about it, even if it’s posted right on their register!

  • I try to check for price differences as items are scanned and I do check flyers for best prices.

  • I could definitely be smarter about how i spend money on groceries. I usually buy whats on sale…sometimes doesn’t work out best for me cause the product turns out being…..gag worthy lol. but i really should take the time to look through flyers more and keep my eyes out for coupons

  • I don’t think that there is one item in my pantry or fridge that I paid full price for other than milk. Everything comes on sale is my motto, and meals are always planned around what is on sale.

  • I use Reebee and it’s something like Flipp, and yes you need to check your receipt before leaving the store!!

  • Great tips! Thank you. I am always trying to save money at the grocery store. Meal planning is a huge help I find 🙂

  • I use a lot of coupons, price match online first then look for further discounts and rebates. Keep receipt to scan on cashback apps

  • I have not really liked using online flyers but use the print ones and lots of coupons to save money. I also like using airmiles and some of the other store rewards.

  • Thanks for the frugal shopping refresher. I’m usually pretty good but sometimes need a little reminding. Last weekend we picked up a discounted whole chicken at Walmart and some loaded potato skins with an in store coupon at Costco and a weekend meal was planned around our deals.