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I Took The #Ceramide2WeekChallenge

Bloggers across Canada, myself included, have been asked by Elizabeth Arden to take the Ceramide 2 Week Challenge this month and the results are being posted to social media daily. I love ideas like this from marketing teams. Half the battle of a product is getting it into the hands of customers to try it out, and then of course sharing their experiences online is the next beneficial step. Just take a peek at your favorite site to purchase beauty products, many have reviews listed at the bottom of a page, or hopeful space where they hope a customer will leave one.

In this case, and in all blogger-reviews, the product is provided by the company for free in exchange for the blogger’s thoughts on the product. The perception of some is that “of course a blogger will rave about a product, it’s free!” But I don’t necessarily agree. You see, a blogger who raves about everything, loves everyone, and suggests readers buy everything is a blogger no one will eventually read. I prefer reading blogs that are honest but professional. Readers are smart, they know the bloggers they can relate to and trust are the ones they’ll continue to read.

That said, visit Twitter or Instagram and check out the hashtag #Ceramide2WeekChallenge to see what bloggers think about Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum, and read my thoughts below!

From the Elizabeth Arden site:

Advanced Ceramide Capsules help replenish and restore the ceramides your skin needs, but loses with age. They help to moisturize, preserve and strengthen skin’s integrity. An enhanced complex of ceramides reinforces the integrity of skin’s moisture barrier and supports natural lipid levels. Potent botanicals and a retinol derivative promote skin’s natural repair process, diminishing the appearance of aging signs for firmer, smoother, healthy-looking skin.

• Immediately re-texturizes and revitalizes the look of skin.
• Visibly improves skin’s radiance.
• Supports skin’s natural collagen for a firmer look.
• Reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
• Enhances skin hydration for a fresh and balanced feel.
• Skin is noticeably softer and smoother.
• Preservative and fragrance free. Dermatologist tested. Biodegradable.

At first glance, I wondered why capsules and not a pump-bottle like so many other serums. Marketing? What I realized very quickly is that the capsules give you a product-usage-amount that is way more than the one-pump of serum I’d been using on my face previously. It looks small, but the capsules when opened and poured onto my hand, actually pack a pretty good amount of serum. So much so that I was shocked at how much I was now applying on my face, in relation to how little I was previous. Maybe, just maybe, Elizabeth Arden was on to something here.

After applying the serum on my entire face, there was still a lot of product to use, so I also applied it 2x daily to not only my face, but my neck and upper chest (decollette if you’re fancy). I learned this on day four or so of you using the product, which helped. Until then I felt the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum was way too much product and left my face feeling “greasy not good”. That was a lightbulb moment – use a good amount on your face (I learned that we are definitely not using enough) but also spread it liberally on your neck and chest, and one capsule has you covered, literally!

That said, using the serum is the first step in the morning after you cleanse your face, and you will feel that it’s a bit dewy (but not greasy, if you apply it to your neck and chest and not all on your face like I did those first few days) and will need to wait a bit before applying any moisturizer and makeup. Truth be told, I didn’t use much moisturizer these past few weeks because the Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum took care of that. And that’s my bad – I know that skin-care is a step by step process and serum is just the first step. But I can’t help it if the product does its job that well, can I?

It stands to reason that with being diligent in using an exceptional quality product twice per day, you will see results. I did! While Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum won’t erase ten years from your face, I did see that fine lines were diminished using it. My skin is happy for all the moisture and responded accordingly. Smoothed, dewy, and soft skin is the result from using the capsules 2x/day.

Actually here’s a good analogy – like a diet, it only works as long as you’re following it. You’ll lose 5 pounds eating healthy, but if you decide to go back to old habits, you’ll gain the weight back. The same applies to skincare, as it turns out! You will see results using Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum 2x/day, but you have to do your part and ensure you’re taking care of your skin and using the product diligently. Your skin will respond, but it won’t go back in time when you stop using it.

I’m two-years in to my new healthy-eating and exercising lifestyle. Skin-care needs to be just as routine in my life. What about you?

One of my readers is going to win a box of Elizabeth Arden Advanced Ceramide Capsules Daily Youth Restoring Serum! To enter to win, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then, share why you’d like to try this product in the comments below! Psst: bonus entries available including following @ArdenCanada on Twitter and Instagram!


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