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When Cold + Flu Season Can’t Slow You Down

The days are getting longer; the sun is up earlier in the mornings (gone are the days of leaving for school in the dark, hooray!) and it seems like every second day we’re commenting on how light it is outside when we’re sitting down to dinner at the table. Even if the weather is still very much in the depths of the winter deep freeze, there’s a feeling that Spring is almost here and with it hopefully a resurgence of energy and health for many.

This year has brought a brutal flu season for many. Even if your family got the flu shot, it doesn’t make you immune from every strain and of course every cold virus that’s floating around too. Many people I know have endured the 3-week-long cough/cold and have found nods of sympathy and understanding when describing it. With three kids in elementary school and a husband that works in an office and works out with a team of friends, I feel like I should hose them down when they walk in the door to protect myself!

Sadly, that’s frowned upon.

So we take some very basic preventative steps to help keep us healthy and happy and so far (where’s that wood to knock on?), so good. For new parents, it can be really confusing separating fact from fiction and it seems like when it comes to cold and flu season everyone (especially your mother) will have an opinion! Here’s a look at some cold and flu myths that you can banish immediately and work towards staying healthy at the same time:

Myth: Antibiotics will help your child get over a cold. Since colds are caused by viruses, they aren’t treatable with antibiotics, which kill only bacteria. Acetaminophen and ibuprofen are the best ways to relieve the aches, pains, and fever caused by viral infections. If you have a sore or runny nose, pick up Boogie Wipes! Available in unscented, fresh scent or grape (my favorite!) Boogie Wipes are made with natural saline that dissolves mucus (yes, even those crusties!) while moisturising noses with vitamin E, aloe, and chamomile all in a soft hypoallergenic wipe (with no drying alcohol or paraben in there either!)

Myth: Green snot means your child has a sinus infection. Colds typically go through a phase when the nasal secretions are yellowish or greenish. It’s gross, but it’s normal. To un-stuff your baby’s or toddler’s nose before bed, put a drop of saline nose drops in each nostril, then suction with a bulb syringe if they aren’t old enough to “blow” into a tissue when asked. Boogie Mist, from the makers of Boogie Wipes, can also help unblock those clogged nasal passages for everyone in the family!

Myth: Starve a cold. It’s important for your child to eat to keep her body strong and help her fight the infection. Don’t worry, though, if they don’t have much of an appetite for a day or two – hydration is key so ensure they’re getting enough liquids until their appetite returns.

Myth: Don’t let them cough. Coughing is actually a protective mechanism that clears mucus from your child’s respiratory tract. Avoid giving kids a cough suppressant unless it’s specifically recommended by your doctor. Ensure that when they’re coughing, little ones are doing their best to cough into a sleeve or tissue, and of course – remind them to wash their hands!

Myth: Herbs, vitamins, and minerals stave off sickness. Researchers have rigorously tested vitamin C, Echinacea, and zinc with disappointing results. That doesn’t mean that parents should avoid these options if you feel they work for your family, but do use them with caution and remember that the old adage of washing your hands and staying home when you’re sick always apply.

Winter activities are in full swing in our household and this busy family of 5 is always on the go! No time to slow down, we’re ensuring we aim high on preventative measures to avoid getting sick in the first place – and hoping everyone around us does the same to. Yes, this mom did send several packages of Boogie Wipes to school with my first grader to share with her classroom! Share the Boogie Wipes, not the germs!

Disclosure: This is a sponsored post on behalf of Boogie Wipes. All opinions, as always, are my own.

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