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Being a new runner, everything is new to me: footwear, clothing, and all the accessories needed for a successful run are essential whether it’s in your neighbourhood or in a marathon. I learned quickly that I needed a headband to keep my hair out of my face when a ponytail wouldn’t suffice, and that proper footwear can make all the difference. I also learned that the earbuds that came with my phone wouldn’t do the job when running. They were constantly falling out (though a good headband helps to a certain extent).

This Spring, I’ll be heading outdoors with Jaybird FREEDOM 2 Wireless Sport Headphones! Sweat-proof and water resistant, these sport headphones also come with a 4 hour charge time and 4 hour charge clip (giving you 8 hours total!), meaning someone like me who runs in the mornings outside won’t have to charge it more than once a week or so (of course that will vary for everyone!) The interchangeable combined tips and fins (look at all the new terminology I’m learning!) create the perfect fit in my ears, and also ensure there’s no way they’re going to fly out when I run. Hooray, finally! And, the SpeedFit design lets you adjust to a custom fit in just seconds; you easily switch to an under-ear fit to access the built-in microphone and take calls while on the go (not a good thing for me, who wants to talk to someone gasping for breath?)

I’ve tested these wireless headphones out on the treadmill and so far so good – perfect fit, no issues falling out, and I haven’t had to charge them yet (which I suppose tells you how often I’m on the treadmill, whoops.)

Shopping directly at you’ll find the FREEDOM 2 With Speedfit Wireless Sport Headphones for $$199.99 in your choice of three colors. But wait! If you shop at or you’ll find them for $129.99!


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