Raise The Bar in 2018

I’ve seen many people happy to close the door on 2017 when New Year’s Eve approached. While the promise of a new year, a new beginning, certainly brings forward a rush of positivity, I look back on 2017 with a sense of accomplishment and can’t wait to build on that this year!

In 2017 I finally finished training to run 5K using an app, and had such a huge smile that day knowing I had done something – however small compared to many other runners – that I never thought possible. Between my treadmill and outdoors in my neighbourhood, I learned what my body was capable of. Then, last summer, I watched friends post photos of their run of the Regina Queen City Marathon (5K and 10K) with envy. I was so proud of my accomplishment, but after seeing my friends run the Regina Queen City Marathon I knew I could push myself to do more, to raise the bar. I was scared to attempt it despite my friends telling me no one care if you come in last (I care! I do!). But I know I can do it. I told myself “next year”.

And here we are. It’s 2018, the Regina Queen City Marathon is in September, and I’m going to do it. Sure, it’s only a 5K
(there I go, “only”) but it’s something I’ve never in my life done before, because I’ve been intimidated and didn’t feel I
could. At 41, I will. And honestly? I can’t wait. So back at it I go, training in the winter months on my treadmill, to achieve
my goal of running 5K non-stop once again. I’m raising the bar in 2018, and really – why shouldn’t we all? With the world
getting ready to cheer on Team Canada at the Olympic Winter Games PyeongChang 2018 this February, it’s the perfect time to raise the bar ourselves.

This winter, Tide is joining forces with Women’s Ice Hockey Captain of the Canadian Olympic Team and two-time Gold
Medalist, Marie-Philip Poulin to inspire Canadians to #RaiseTheBar. Just as Marie-Philip Poulin continues to raise the bar on the ice, Tide continues to raise the bar in the laundry room.

For years Tide has been leading the industry in innovation and revolutionizing how consumers do laundry. In fact, almost
to the date, The Winter Olympics marks 70 years since Tide’s launch in Canada. Over that time, consumers’ laundry
needs and challenges have evolved, and as Canada’s #1 selling detergent, Tide has proven it’s up to the challenge every
time. And the work is not done yet! Starting in 2018, Tide is launching its biggest innovation to date, a re-engineered formula to prove yet again that the best can always get better.


In 2018 Original liquid and PODS™ products will have ten times the cleaning power than the leading competition to handle your laundry’s ever-evolving challenges, like advancing washing machines and changing fabric trends. As households are constantly evolving, the products we use every day inside our households need to evolve too – it just makes sense! The Olympics are always a time to come together in awe of the skill and precision of our athletes, and I love that Tide and Marie-Philip Poulin are inspiring Canadians to be their best too! Tide indeed knows how to #RaiseTheBar. Not-So-Pro (!) tip: Did you know you can wash your smelly running shoes? It’s true, just put them in a pillow case, tie it closed, and wash as usual. Tide will not only get them clean, it will also ensure they smell fabulous too!

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Disclosure: I am a #TidePartner and this is a post in partnership with the brand. All opinions and commentary are, as always, my own.

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