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With a teenager and pre-teen in the house, it’s beyond time to pay special attention to skincare for the kids. Here are three awesome products from Avon that mom can order when ordering all her other favourites from Avon, to help the kids combat dirt, oil and more on their skin, at a price that won’t break the bank.

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment (reg $8.00)
Helps fade the look of acne marks and acne redness in two weeks. 2% salicylic acid! Use every night as a spot treatment or all over face to help prevent future breakouts. Won’t dry out skin. Suitable for daily nighttime use. 50 ml

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Foaming Cleanser (reg $8.00)
Don’t let those pesky skin issues get in your way. Step into confidence! Lathering gel helps keep skin in the clear. 125 ml

Clearskin® Blemish Clearing Acne Pads (reg $8.00)
Don’t let those pesky skin issues get in your way. Step into confidence! Battles blemishes with every clean sweep. 30 pads.

Not surprisingly, my mom will use the Clearskin Blemish Clearing Acne Pads the most, because they take the least amount of effort and time (such a guy thing when it comes to skin care, don’t you think?) My daughter is more likely to use the foaming cleanser and overnight treatment as needed. I hope to teach both of them the importance of astute attention to skincare, to take care of skin routinely so things don’t get out of hand. It’s wonderful having Avon at the ready to order through my local neighbourhood representative too, so we don’t run out!

Don’t have an Avon rep? I find the best way to find one near you is simply to ask on your social media – people are always eager to help out and share their Avon friends!

One of my readers is going to win the set of Avon Clearskin products above: Clearskin Blemish Clearing Overnight Treatment, Foaming Cleanser and Acne Pads. To enter to win, simply fill in your name and email address in the form below and click BEGIN! Then simply leave a comment sharing who you’d like to win for.


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