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Oh So Fabulous: Gel-A-Peel

There are so many toys and products on the shelves that make me think about how much fun I’d have had with them when I was a kid. Sure, my childhood had a special aspect to it because it were screen-free (unless you count my Atari) and just so very different from my kid’s experience today, but there’s so many things I’d have loved to have had for myself as a kid that my own get to experience. The good thing, I suppose, is that I get to experience these toys with them now. Check this one out from Gel-A-Peel!

With the new Gel-a- Peel Fashion Maker, girls take their fashionable creativity skills to the next level by creating fun gel fashions, patches and accessories! This easy DIY crafting kit encourages girls to showcase their unique style through fashion.

The Gel-a- Peel Fashion Maker comes with 40+ design stencils and templates and is a great craft for girls to do with their friends – perfect for parties and sleepovers!

Includes 5 gel color tubes, fashion maker with storage and gel tube display, 40+ design stencils and templates and more!

With school not being back in until January 8th here, this gives my girls plenty of time to make some creative items with Gel-A-Peel after Christmas, and hopefully me some time to sip coffee in silence. Hopefully wearing a gorgeous gel-fashioned bracelet.

Look for Gel-A-Peel (best for ages 8+) at at Toys R Us ($69.99), Michaels (do they not list prices? Ugh), and Chapters Indigo (on sale for $48.50).



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