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Hidden Gems: Two Gifts In One

I love love love this gift idea from Showcase! Hidden Gems Candles, and now warmers (!!!) feature two products in one, and the second surprise product could be worth up to $5000 – no joke, this actually happens!

First, check out Hidden Gems Candles! Available in a huge variety of scents, Hidden Gems candle features the highest quality natural oils for the scent, and has two natural cotton wicks that burn longer and more pure. But beyond the ambiance and scent of these candles, there’s a hidden surprise inside! Burn the candle until you see the foil. Then snuff out the flame, let the wax cool, and use a pair of tweezers to remove the pouch. Let the pouch cool on a non-burn surface for about 2 minutes, then open the bag inside and see the jewelry revealed! Priced at $29.99, they could be worth so much more based on what’s inside!

Every Hidden Gem Aroma Candle contains a dazzling ring valued between $10 to $5000. Ring will come randomized with sizes between 6-8. Did you uncover a $5,000 ring? Simply locate the code affixed to the tag on your ring and visit for more details.

Beyond candles, Hidden Gems now has Scent Warmers! And yes, there’s a surprise ring hidden inside these too! Each scent warmer includes four fragrance bars; vanilla creme, sugar & cinnamon, meadow mist and mulled apple pie. Melt the fragrance bars in your warmer, and one of them will reveal a beautiful designer ring, worth up to $5000. I like that the warmers come with fragrance bars to get you started, and I especially like that one of them has jewelry inside! Of course, you can always purchase additional fragrance bars at Showcase too ($9.99 for a 4 pack). The Scent Warmer above is called Windland Song and it’s $34.99 at with free shipping, and available in store right now too.

Hidden Gems products are perfect for your wife, girlfriend, best friend or even secret Santa (I hope it’s an office-mate you like if they get a $5000 ring!)

Use the Store Locator on the site to find a Showcase store near you to see everything hot and trending in person or shop online and take advantage of free shipping to your door!


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