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LOL Surprise Dolls: At The Top of Our List

Interest and favourites change from year-to-year with kids, boys and girls equally sharing a dismissive bat of the hand to last year’s must-have request by the time it’s time to write their wish list for the following Christmas. Last year, LOL Surprise Dolls weren’t on my daughter’s radar at all. In fact, when offered the chance to review these items in the spring, I passed along the request to contributor Lisa. It was several months later when my two daughters declared their total and absolute love to LOL Surprise Dolls that I recalled we had already had them on the blog before! ACK!

Thankfully, there’s a new series of LOL Surprise Dolls out in stores right now, and Series 2 continues the fun with 7 Layers of Surprises Inside. Seven layers of surprises include: (1st) Secret Message Sticker, (2nd) Collectible Sticker Sheet, (3rd) Water Bottle Charm, (4th) Shoes, (5th) Outfit, (6th) Accessory, (7th) L.O.L. Surprise! Doll (add water for surprise). Yup, you can feed or bathe your baby for an additional water surprise: she might cry, spit, tinkle or change colors!

How perfect for us, then, that LOL Surprise Dolls come in both the original doll and LIL SISTERS for my two girls, ages (almost) 10 and 6! LOL Surprise CHARM FIZZ can be dunked in water to reveal which charm you get. Nevaeh and Everleigh happily shared their own LOL Surprise Dolls Unboxing Video below. I asked if we could call it un-zipping or un-wrapping and they said “NO MOM” so I have to listen to my bosses.

The full video is 12 minutes long so I understand if you don’t watch the whole thing – there’s no doubt in my mind, from the countless videos that my girls watch on YouTube, that kids will watch from beginning to end, and then look for more LOL Surprise Dolls videos when they’re done! As my girls have shared above, this is a great gift for Christmas if you have children in this age group on your list! Look for LOL Surprise Dolls at, Chapters Indigo, Walmart, Showcase Stores and more this holiday season.

One of our readers is going to win (1) LOL Surprise Doll Series 2 and (1) LOL Surprise Lil Sister! To enter, simply leave a comment below sharing who you’d love to win these for this holiday season!


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