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Looking for the perfect gift for the 18-35 year old in your life? Open their eyes to a world of possibilities by giving them the gift of travel!

That’s the new campaign tag-line from Contiki, and upon visiting the website it’s obviously immediately that this is a company focused on travel in 2017 forward. This is not your grandmother’s travel company (and it’s about time the other guys catch up)!

Now more than ever before, Canadians are venturing out in to our vast and beautiful planet to explore. Yes, social media plays a huge part in this – we’re seeing photos and experiences daily shared by our friends, loved ones, and people we follow online – while years ago we saw them after the fact over a drink. The lure of travel, is all around us and it’s no wonder millennials in particular are embracing the adventure.

Contiki is suggesting the gift of travel for parents to give their millennial children; either as a graduation gift, gap year gift, milestone birthday, or simply because they want their loved ones to experience travel but don’t want them to be out in the big wide world alone. Group travel has many huge benefits, some highlighted in this post for easy reference, which includes but isn’t limited to money saved because of the nature of group bookings.

“Travel is something that every young Canadian should have the opportunity to experience,” says Lauren Howard, Director of Marketing for Contiki Canada. “Who doesn’t remember their first time travelling abroad alone for the first time? It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time. That’s why we are thrilled to be speaking to our ‘gifters’ and encouraging them to give the gift of travel to their millennial loved ones and leave the planning to us.”

Contiki has years of successful travel and trusted customers behind their name – 300 trips spanning 6 continents means they’ve perfected the art of travel fro 18-35 year olds. They offer 8 ways to travel, so that your millennial has a selection of trip styles that suite them perfectly. Basically, everything any parent or loved one needs to help plan a trip of a lifetime is laid out perfectly on the Contiki site, making the process seamless.

With so much information, where to start? Visit and you’ll be well on your way to gifting your loved one the trip of a lifetime.

Discount code: Use code PPCTENILLE to receive $150 off your Contiki booking (7 days or longer) when you book at (you can also call directly to book at 1-800-268-1835). The code is not able to be combined with other offers or last minute deals in market but is able to be combined with brochure discounts. 

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