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McDonald’s All Day Breakfast Is Here!


It’s the day many have been waiting for, ever since whispers about the possibility of all day breakfast at McDonald’s started surfacing late last year. An idea so simple, yet so satisfying all in one.

If you, like most of us, have made your way to McDonald’s with plans for a hot and savoury Sausage McMuffin with your morning coffee, only to discover it’s after 11 a.m and you simply can not, you know the feeling of missing out. “But I don’t want a cheeseburger with my coffee,” you mumbled, forlorn.

When my youngest was a preschooler, we discovered the joy that is McDonald’s Hot Cakes. He loved them, and I loved picking up Hot Cakes and a coffee on my way to a play date. I’d even pick up an extra order, to keep in the fridge and reheat for his Hot Cakes demands any time of the day. Now, no more reheating!

Starting today, February 21st, McDonald’s locations right across our beautiful Canadian landscape will be serving All Day Breakfast (it deserves capitals!) which means if your kids – like mine – love deliciously sweet and comforting Hot Cakes you can pick them up on the way home from school, before piano lessons, or after an evening soccer game if the mood strikes you! Here’s a list of McDonald’s favorites part of All Day Breakfast:

Egg McMuffin
Bacon ‘n Egg McMuffin
Sausage ‘n Egg McMuffin
Sausage McMuffin
Hash Brown
Hot Cakes

My favorite McDonald’s All Day breakfast is an Egg McMuffin (all of the McMuffin sandwiches on the All Day Breakfast Selections menu boasts one freshly cracked, Canada Grade A large egg, sourced locally here in Canada) and a steaming cup of McCafe Coffee. It works with my healthy lifestyle goals too – an Egg McMuffin is just 290 calories and has 16g of protein!

Coffee Lovers Can Celebrate Too

Drop by any participating McDonald’s restaurant in Canada from Monday, February 27th until March 5th for a FREE small cup of hot brewed coffee at absolutely no charge — any time of the day — no purchase necessary.

McCafé Premium Roast coffee is a quality medium dark roast made from 100 per cent Arabica beans, creating a perfect taste developed with Canadian preferences in mind. It’s become my new coffee favorite for the past two years or so (I don’t know what took me so long before that!)






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