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Big News for Saskatchewan #CostcoGrandOpening

small3_ursula-bunnyhugLiving in Saskatchewan, we have some unique attributes that unite us as a community, despite our differences in lifestyle or politics. We all know that it’s not called a hoodie in Saskatchewan, it’s called a Bunnyhug. Why, who knows. But mention a bunnyhug to any newcomer, and you’re met with a quizzical stare. We love our Roughriders, and get a kick out of Americans trying to pronounce Saskatchewan (“Easy to draw, hard to pronounce,” is how I explain it when south).

We also have the common frustration when big stores, events and concerts overlook our province in search of bigger populations. So, when a new store opening happens in our province, we take (big) note, because chances are we’ve been waiting for it!


This week marks the grand opening of the new Costco store in Saskatoon. Located at 225 Market Drive in Saskatoon, the store will not only serve the city of Saskatoon but the bedroom communities surrounding it along with cities and towns hundreds of kilometres away – I know this to be true as we regularly drove in to Costco in Saskatoon when we lived in North Battleford which was 135 km away!

The new Costco Saskatoon South will also have a Gas Station, Photo Centre, Optical Centre, Tire Centre, Pharmacy, Fresh Food, Bakery, and Food Court.

The doors officially open on Thursday November 10th at 8 a.m. with the ribbon cutting ceremony and I’ll be there to celebrate! There will be special items only available at the Costco Saskatoon South location for the grand opening. I don’t know what they are either, but can’t wait to see (I wonder how much room I’ll have in the back of my car to haul items home, hmmm…)

I’ll also get a sneak peek the evening before, so make sure you’re following me on Twitter, Instagram stories, and Snapchat where I’ll be sharing it all to help you navigate your shopping on the big day and in the weeks ahead!

Everyone has their favorite reason to visit Costco, whether it’s the hot dogs after your shopping haul, picking up your favorite bath and beauty products from P&G (I love the Olay Regenerist products and stock up and I never run out of Tide thanks to the huge containers of Tide Pods I buy), or the bounty of fresh fruit, veggies and meat at bulk pricing (my freezer always has a supply of Kirkland chicken breasts).

If you’re not already a Costco member, you can sign up before the official opening to beat the rush. Sign-up at one of the Costco warehouses in the greater Saskatoon area. Already a Costco member? Bring a friend to sign-up and you can each receive a $10 Costco Cash Card. Of course, once you have your membership you can also shop at Costco.ca for a huge (HUGE!) amount of items not available in store (I’ve purchased furniture from Costco.ca and have been happy with their customer service).

Congratulations Saskatoon on area on your new (and second in the city, woo!) Costco South grand opening! Saskatchewan is celebrating with you!


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