Easy School Lunch Ideas {Media Clip}

It’s back to school! While I can appreciate the time and loving care that goes into those star shaped cheese and sandwiches we see on Pinterest, I’m just not that mom.

Pinterest Moms

So, when asked to share my ideas for kid’s school lunches, you can be rest assured that they will be easy (but also nutritious and something your kids will actually eat!)Ā  Here’s my interview with Sam and Andrew from the CJME Morning Show:

The obvious winner, “put anything on a stick and suddenly it’s interesting.” And this tweet…

CJME Morning Show Sam Maciag



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  • I purposely bought a little cheese and bread stamp cutter to use for lunches. Yep, I forgot to use it on the first day! So much for creativity! LOL. But it is hard to keep it interesting. I don’t like to buy any premade cookies, I prefer to bake them myself, but I don’t always have time so I have to break down and buy the occasional one.

    • I think the creators of those little cheese and bread cutters are making a killing! I love the joke about moms making those pretty lunches in September and then throwing a few croutons wrapped in tin foil in the lunch kit by June! I’m not quite that bad, but I sure lose interest by the spring!

  • I rarely remember to actually take the lunches I pack myself to work. Not looking forward to remembering more than my own lunch!

  • My kids were never big sandwich fans. I bought containers that were sectioned into four compartments. Then my kids helped make their own lunches. On Sunday, I would prepare enough to get us through the week & then, every night, put out a selection of veggie sticks (celery, carrots, peppers, cucumber, etc.), cheese cubes, mini breadsticks, crackers, cubed chicken, etc. and let the kids fill their own lunch container. They rarely came home with leftovers!!

  • such a great interview šŸ™‚ my daughter is starting school next week and i can tell ya, even tho the pinterest shapes look cool there’s no way i got time for that. i will cut the cheese and kelibasa in cubes, grapes in half and oranges in slices and thank goodness for the things like yogurt that you can just throw in lol

  • My husband became responsible for making the kids lunch as I refused trying to make them. They wouldn’t and he just caved. When they are hungry and old enough to make their own, in my life they will.

  • I am NOT a fan of making school lunches. My big boys are 6 and 5. Hoping to have them a little more involved this year but this means I need to get more organized to that they can do more šŸ˜‰

  • My newest thing to do with my girl’s lunch is to use a cutter to make shapes out of flatbread, and then add some cheese and veggies pieces to the lunch container and she can make her own little mini sandwiches.

  • My kids lunches are so not Pinterest worthy! Maybe on the weekend when I have more time I’ll do something a bit more creative, like serving lunch in the shape of a face, lol šŸ˜‰

  • I went through a few years doing fun fancy things in the lunches, but now the best I do is maybe put a sticker or write something on a post it note on special days.. half the time the lunches were not fully eaten and came back home…

  • This was often my goal when my son was little, just get a shower. As long as I had a shower, life was good! But I don’t mind making lunches. I just try to have fun with it!

  • Honestly, I keep things simple. They get leftovers from the night before. Healthy sandwiches, wraps. Yogurt, fruit, crackers and cheese. I try to manage their expectations by making sure they understand that them being fed and having a meal, makes them luckier than 60% of the world.

  • I’m really boring…I just throw in whatever my kids like to eat (provided they are healthy and nutritious!) and never really bothered with the cute shapes.

  • When I was a kid most kids in my class (me included) had the same thing for lunch every day…pretty much anyway… I had either a jam and peanut butter sandwich or a cheese sandwich, a piece of fruit and a couple cookies. Lunch was to fuel you through the day not a culinary experience!

  • I am usually pretty basic when it comes to lunches, but I do like to throw a surprise in there every so often! I would like to try some new things, to incorporate healthier foods:)

  • It certainly isn’t easy making ‘exciting’ lunches 5 days a week; very hard to keep things interesting!

    Great tips šŸ™‚