Beach, Please

We get such a short summer here in Saskatchewan that every year I promise myself I’m going to get more of it. If I could bottle up the sunshine, the amazing prairie storms, and the summer nights to save all year round I would. I try to spend more hours of my day outside, even if it’s just on our deck in the backyard, and plan more travel adventures with the family.

I’m trying to pack lighter, while still bringing the essentials along, and having enough ‘stuff’ to enjoy our adventures. I’m committed to getting in shape, and have realized that when I look good, I feel good, so vacay is still about combining the two.

Essentials for a summer weekend with friends and family include:

Beach Please shirt

A sassy tank or tee! I love this trend of saying what you really think on everything from workout gear to tees and even your carry-on bag. You’ll find these tees in the mall, or online at your favorite pop-up shop or Etsy store.

AV_Coconut_ Body Wash_354ml_62600963987

Body wash is essential after beach days or campfire chats. Don’t pack a bar of soap, or you’ll be left with dry itchy skin since you’re unlikely to encounter soft-water at your destination. Battle that with a product like AVEENO Skin Relief Gentle Scent Coconut Body Wash – it’s a creamy, light scent perfect for summer. Bonus, it’s soap-free, dye-free and allergy-tested so the whole family can enjoy it.

04014 Intuition Advanced Moisture Pack Razor

Make use of 2-in-1 products to save space packing and at your destination. A shampoo+conditioner combo works for a few days on the go, or you can still bring your favorite shampoo and then use a spray-conditioner (it’s not really extra packing for me since my daughters need the spray). For shaving, the Schick Intuition Advanced Moisture razor moisturizes while shaving, with no need for shave gel.

external phone charger


An external phone charger is an essential part of any summer travel, and we have several (I love when local businesses give these to customers as swag, I’m always happy to accept!) Of course, ensuring they are charged before you walk out the door is important so we have a bit of a system in our household. On the counter? Likely in need of charging. In the cupboard? Ready to grab and go! Look for these anywhere electronics are sold – sometimes you can even pick them up at the gas-station on the go.

AV_DM_Sheer Hydration_Lotion_354ml_62600963048

After days on the beach, in the lake (no salt water here!) or on the boat, your skin needs a little pampering! Grab your favorite moisturizer to take along, but ensure that you’re using one that won’t irritate freshly sun-kissed skin. AVEENO® Skin Relief Gentle Scent Coconut Lotion absorbs in seconds and feels light to the touch with a non-greasy formula that replenishes and hydrates skin for 24 hours, which is perfect because summer is all about no-routines and the longer a product lasts, the better!


Protect your noggin from the sun with a hat, and if you’re going to have to wear one you may as well wear a great one. sells clothing and accessories to share our Sask pride, and I’m loving these trucker hats!

Summer is fleeting so if you – like me – are looking at the calendar and realizing that summer is slowly slipping away, take advantage of every moment of sun you have! I won’t mention how many days we have left until Christmas…

For more information and products to get beach-ready, visit your local Shopper’s Drug Mart and get “legs you’ll love” from Schick and Aveeno.




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