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Farmer’s Market Haul? Here Are Some Pickling Recipes!

I went to the Regina Farmer’s Market this week for the first time this season. Although there are vendors through the colder months at an indoor market, there’s something just so *perfect* about visiting downtown Regina and perusing the farmer’s market in the summer months. I come well prepared with lots of cash, and if I’m lucky a kid or two with me to help carry the bags! While I like to bake from time to time, canning isn’t my specialty so I’m more than happy to purchase delicious products from the vendors instead of making them myself.

easy strawberry rhubarb jam recipe

One delicious summer treat that I can make myself is Strawberry Rhubarb Jam, so I made sure to pick up some rhubarb stalks this week so I can make a big batch (strawberries are in season at the markets and in stores too). It’s really easy to make, so if you want to give it a shot, you can find my Strawberry Rhubarb Jam Recipe at the link!

pickling recipes

I haven’t tried pickling anything myself yet, and happily try the varieties offered at the Farmer’s Market. This week I purchased pickled relish and hot peppers to top burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches and more and I can’t wait!


I started looking through Pickling Recipes at the website, and OH MY YUM are there a ton of great recipes ready for you! I really want to try the recipe they featured for Golden Cauliflower Pickles, it doesn’t look difficult at all. Tumeric, mustard seed and green peppers are included in this recipe, and of course Windsor Course Salt is essential!


I also love Pickled Mushrooms and Windsor Salt has a recipe to share for that as well! Onion, garlic, and peppercorns with Windsor Course Salt combine in this recipe. Is your mouth watering now too?

I shared some info on Windsor Water Softening Salts last month, and how vital they are not only to having soft clothes and sudsy bubbles in the shower, but also for your appliances to keep them running efficiently. Did you know that without soft water, your washing machine can wear out up to 30% faster? Yikes.

We have been diligent now about checking our water softener weekly for the past few weeks. It’s easy when the water softener is in the same room as our deep freeze, since we’re always heading down to grab something anyway (seriously, just pop a sticky note on your freezer to remind you to open the water softener lid to peek and ensure the softening salt is at the correct level).

I love that the brand name we know and trust to keep our household water softener running efficiently is also the same brand mothers, grandmothers and aunts (OK and some grandfathers and uncles too!) trust for their garden canning through the years as well.


Helping you get a head start on your canning this summer, or just general cooking, we’re giving away a prize package consisting of Windsor Table Salt, a whisk and an oven mitt. Use the form below to enter!



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