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Heading to the Lake? Easy P&G Products for a Carefree Summer


I am so jealous of my friends and family that either have a cabin (I think anywhere west of Ontario we call it a cabin, not a cottage) or a camper parked near a lake in the summer. All that time to be in the wilderness, enjoy your surroundings and….yeah, I quickly get corrected when I start to daydream a little. I’ve been told that having a cabin or even a summer home on wheels involves a lot of work, a lot of clean-up and yes a lot of not sweating the small stuff.

With that in mind, here are what I’ve been sharing with my cabin and camping friends to help make things a little easier – and if I’m being perfectly honest, to hopefully help score us an invite to visit:

swiffer 1

A Swiffer WetJet is perfect for cleaning the floors in your cabin (cough…cottage) and even your fifth wheel. With limited floor space, there’s no sense in taking along a huge mop and bucket but it’s also silly to wipe down the floor yourself. A Swiffer WetJet is compact and easily gets the job done. Over, and over, and over.  Swiffer Dusters are an easy way to clean up dust on surfaces quickly and efficiently (don’t forget light fixtures!)

999999-37000929727_1From sticky smores, to overfilled hotdog buns, messes are inevitable when you’re living the good life at the lake (this is probably where I’d need to grow the most in not sweating the small stuff!) Grabbing Bounty Select-A-Size means less product used and hopefully a longer shelf life in the camper. Plus, Bounty is known for being super absorbent and getting the job done. No one has time for laundry at the lake!

53138If, however, you do run into stains, have Tide To Go Instant Stain Remover on hand. These eliminate many fresh food and drink stains on the spot!


This maybe goes without saying, but…maybe pack some Febreze for the cabin, camper or wherever your summer camping adventures take you.


This is maybe suggestion for planning ahead of time, but Downy Unstopables in-wash scent booster is perfect for all your lake gear including blankets, towels, hoodies (ahem…bunnyhugs here in Saskatchewan) and more. Washing at home gives you a fresh scent for up to 12 weeks – yes all summer long at the lake! I love Unstopables, they’re definitely one of my favorite P&G products.


It’s time to get out there and enjoy summer! Here’s a super-quick flash giveaway from P&G that’s just 48 hours long! One of our readers is going to win a selection of P&G product like the ones featured above to help them keep their summer destinations clean and smelling good!

Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom ambassador. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and compensation. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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