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Celebrating Strong Mothers

With Summer 2016 finally officially here, the world is looking to Rio! Soon, the long anticipated Summer 2016 Olympics will begin and Canadians will be glued to their screens, celebrating the best of the best and hoping for an amazing medal count.

Make no mistake, along with those viewers, there will be many family members of the athletes and undoubtedly moms, watching their children they used to snuggle before bed now reach for Olympic gold! Can you even imagine what that would feel like? I am roaring from the stands when my son scores a touchdown in football – I simply can’t comprehend what it would be like to have my child compete in in front of the world one day.

If you’re ready for a video to get you right in the feels, take a look at the latest from P&G:

Yup, it got me too. I love it though, it reminds us of the dedication of our Olympic athletes from childhood and their families. It reminds us that the things we say and do day to day matter. It reminds at that, on the days we’re feeling worn, and without thanks, that it’s there. It doesn’t matter if your child grows up to be an Olympian or an Engineer, the point is that your encouragement, your voice, and your love make the difference, moms!


Today, we’re asking you to visit pgeveryday.ca and see the video above along with a ton of articles and information from P&G brands on the theme of thanking mom.

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Then, click to share your story in the comments section on the page (we all love reading those encouraging stories). Come back here to enter below telling me where to find your story, and you’re in to win $100 Visa GC courtesy of P&G. Use it to take your mom out for dinner, or perhaps to have a bonding moment with your own kids! * Right click on your name above your comment on pgeveryday, hit copy, and then paste in the comments below!


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