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Want To Review Products Too? Introducing Home Tester Club

home tester club

If you’ve been reading product review blogs for awhile, and wondered how you too could have a voice, here’s an awesome opportunity to do so. Word of mouth recommendations are gold for product marketing and social media has certainly helped with that. Of course, if you stop and think about it, many people seem to post reviews online, whether on the website or through their own social media, when they have a disappointing experience with a product. When we happen to like a product, we may tell our friends, but we likely won’t take the time to go to the product/brand’s website and share the review. Not surprisingly, this isn’t at all helpful to brands, or to consumers who would like to know why they should try and particular product.

Review blogs like mine certainly help, but what about having a voice of your own to share your thoughts? Here’s your opportunity.

Home Tester Club is now taking sign ups for new members. Being a part of the Home Tester Club means that you are among a select group of testers in Canada who will get the opportunity to review products and share your thoughts with a much larger network.

Home Tester Club

Right now, Home Tester Club is looking for people to review Dove Hair Care, so if you sign up ASAP you could be in to receive your first item very soon!

Beyond the sign-up, check out the rest of the Home Tester Club website for more information for families including:


– Here members can: Rate and review different products posted on the website each month. These products are not sent out for home trial/home testing – they are simply posted to get feedback from the community so members can share their experiences with products and also learn about what others thought about products, allowing them to make informed purchase decisions.


They often have different products available to send to members to try at home for free. In return they simply ask they return to the website after the trial period to complete a survey. There is no cost incurred to the member.

–  Not everyone who registers will be selected (they don’t want to send dog food, for example, to a family that doesn’t have a dog!) The products will go to the family’s best suited to review them, which makes perfect sense.


– Members can post recipes and view other recipe submissions


– Here members can enter contests. They always have at least one monthly competition running, and some months they have several.

I love this concept, and encourage you to sign up here if you want to receive free products and share your opinions with the masses!




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