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Burst Into Spring With Skechers

If you’re like me and give yourself a gigantic pat on the back when September rolls around and you’ve completed your back-to-school shopping, I’m going to need you to sit down.

It’s not over.

Last month we had parent/teacher interviews, which because my kids are awesome is simply a visit to the school to see their classwork and how dirty their lockers are. One great reminder that the teachers post is to have your child put on their indoor shoes so you can check how they’re fitting after more than half the school year is complete. Smart, right? While our kids may be cramming their toes into the too-small shoes day after day, they probably won’t tell you (until they turn 11 and complain about everything that bothers them, more about that later). So, this is a great opportunity for parents to see how indoor shoes are fitting, and in my case it was the kick in the pants we needed to move my 8 year old up a size. Yep, her shoes were getting too tight.

So, back to shopping we go! My 11-year-old who complains about most everything mentioned after that visit that he too needed new indoor AND outdoor shoes. That shopping trip nearly made both of us pull our hair out – he because he had to shop with mom (how embarrassing) and me because I wanted to put him in a stroller and push him out of the mall back home. He’s growing too fast.

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Thankfully, finding shoes for my adorable (and still tiny and not at all in the tween angst stage) daughter was much more fun, thanks to Skechers! We were each able to find an awesome new pair of Skechers from their Burst collection – yes, they have shoes for both kids and adults in the same collections so if you find something that works for you, it’s easy to then get the kids into them as well because you already know about the comfort, fit and in this case – Air-Cooled Memory Foam insole and responsive cushioning sole and how awesome it feels to walk in them.

Skechers Burst for girls

Nevaeh (8) picked these super-cool black and hot pink Burst shoes from Skechers and squealed when she tried them on. Naturally they look cool with black leggings, but they also look adorable with capris and jeans as well. I love how ridiculously light they are, and in terms of function, these shoes have a “Burst Compound midsole with superior impact cushioning protection and remarkable energy return”. For an 8 year old, this means she can hop, skip, twirl, and yes even tackle in a tickle fight without injuring her feet. Plus, they look cool – points for that.

Skechers Burst for women

I’m not a sneakers-mama, but will happily walk around in flip-flops all summer long and then complain about my sore feet. It’s because running shoes make my 8.5 feet feel big and clunky and definitely not cute. So, when I received these Burst sneakers in grey from Skechers, I was surprisingly optimistic. A lighter color, a slim design, and super lightweight feel took away all that clunky-big worry. Will I wear these shoes on a girls-day for drinks and shopping? No. But I will wear sneakers to the park, and for walks with the kids, and it surprised even myself when I wore them out to grab groceries earlier this week. Hey, sneakers are comfortable (who knew?)

You can find Skechers Burst collection – for moms, dads, and kids online and in your favorite sporting goods stores now. Pick them up the next time you’re there and check out how light they are, they slip them on and see how amazing they feel.


We’re sharing our love of Skechers Burst with you! One of our readers is going to win a mother/daughter Skechers Burst giveaway – one pair of shoes for your little love, one pair of shoes for you. Good luck everyone!


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