Why Spring Does Your Body (And Mind) Good!

While many people struggled through the weekend of daylight savings time change, us in Saskatchewan watched you with part amusement, part sympathy and mostly gratitude that a time shift is something we will never (I doubt) have to contend with being a resident of this province. Still, once we all adjusted to the spring clocks leaping an hour forward (which, for us in Saskatchewan simply means figuring out what time our favorite TV shows are on), we appreciate all the goodness that spring has to offer.

Sure, for many of us March 20th means the official start of spring but it doesn’t feel like spring until the snow is gone for good. It’s almost that time, I can feel it in the air (even when snowflakes are still landing on my nose!) To help get you in a spring-y mood, here are some amazing health benefits of spring:


Winter can be really dark and dreary, especially when the sun starts setting shortly after the kids get home from school. We all know that we get Vitamin D from the sun and for most of us, we’re lacking that in the winter. Aside from the Vitamin D benefit, the sun on our skin just makes us feel good. Even just a few moments, head tilted up, feeling the sunshine on our face with a few deep breaths – it can change your mood and reset your day.

Hair and Skin

The harsh and crisp winds of winter are behind us and moisture and warmth ahead. Rainshowers are wonderful for our skin (perhaps not our hair!) and soon enough we’ll be dealing with humidity in the air. Kick off those boots, get a pedicure and soothe your feet, and lotion up your skin. Nourish your hair with a deep conditioning treatment, and pull out your favorite fresh-scented lotion to lather your skin. I feel a happy song coming on.

More Time Outdoors

Along with that sunshine comes melting snow and more time spent outdoors. After the snow in our backyard melted (ahem, before this last snowstorm), my three kids spent hours on our backyard trampoline on the weekends. It was as if we had just purchased it – they had missed their time on it in the winter and I couldn’t help but feel glee knowing how much fresh air and exercise they were getting (OK, and the fact that I knew they’d sleep like rocks that night!)

Savings at the Grocery Store

Spring vegetables that reach their peak during the spring season include kale, asparagus, peas, and radishes so you should see some reduction at the til.

Spring Cleaning

Did you know spring cleaning was good for your health? It’s true. A clean, clutter free home has a calming effect that allows you to focus your energy on other important things. Plus, opening windows and doing a deep clean helps to get rid oof any lingering dust, mold and pollen that might have been hanging around all winter.


What about you? What’s one benefit you’ve found in the spring? To help facilitate discussion I’m sharing a Pantene bundle perfect for helping tired, dry, winter hair bounce back like a spring bunny.

3-minute-miraclePantene 3 Minute Miracle Deep Conditioner

Miracle conditioning for really dry, thirsty hair! Sometimes (or all the time!) your hair needs more than a regular conditioner. Pantene Moisture Renewal 3 Minute Miracle is our gold standard in hydration.

Perfect for extra dry hair. It delivers healthy hydration to transform every strand into pure silk. Use once a week – or even every day if your hair needs it.
Apply to the ends of your hair and work gently up towards the roots. Leave on for 3 minutes. Rinse.

Pantene Expert Collection Shampoo

Chronic dryness doesn’t only affect how hair feels. When hair loses its moisture, it becomes duller, more unmanageable, and vulnerable to breakage. Hydrating shampoo instantly revives chronically dehydrated hair and helps prevent frizz, breakage, and dullness.

Pantene Expert Collection Conditioner

Looking for a hydrating conditioner? Check out Pantene’s Dry Defy Intense Hydration Conditioner that seals in moisture for a smooth feel and high shine.


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