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now for mothers healing mix

It’s that time of the year where you’re either struggling on or succeeding with your new years resolution, or you’re looking at the calendar getting closer to closer to summer and thinking it’s time to focus more on you.

This isn’t a weight-loss supplement.

After childbirth, it’s common to feel like you’ve been hit by a truck, but as you adjust to the new routine of sleepless nights and stretching yourself thin. You learn to take care of yourself in little ways when time allows, and you often forget to eat simply because you’re too busy.

This isn’t a meal replacement.

As your kids grow, you grow with them (in more ways than one, ugh) and you figure out ways to exist on less sleep, and try to squeeze in exercise when you can. Vitamins would be a great idea if you could actually remember to take them, and those shakes your friends are raving about on Facebook sound good but they cost more than you spent on formula, and drinking your meal isn’t your thing.

This isn’t a miracle food.

healing mix

Now For Mothers Healing Mix is a Superfood for all moms.

It’s made from all natural and organic ingredients with no added preservatives, additives or chemicals. A mix of ingredients like flax, almonds, pine nuts, cinnamon (all organic!) and more all contribute to a nutritional product that’s superior to a preservative filled health bar or box of cereal. 1 scoop per day is what’s recommended for all moms, both post-partum and in the school-age years, to help you feel your best.

Here’s the big news – Now For Mothers Healing Mix has been reduced in price for consumers! You can now find it at your favorite grocery, pharmacy or health food store for $20!

now for mothers healing mix

I like a scoop of Now For Mothers Healing Mix on my morning cereal as an easy way to get my supplement in right at the start of my day. If I forget, or if I forgo the cereal for a drive-thru coffee for breakfast (yep, that’s me) Now For Mothers Healing Mix is great on top of fruit (with strawberry fluffy cream cheese topping for good measure, of course).

now for mothers

This product is great for all moms, but it’s targeted first at new mothers because they are the ones who need the little boost of all the goodness it provides. In addition to helping to boost energy, Healing Mix also helps balance hormones after birth (isn’t that time a chaotic fun, not so fun, ride?) and it can help with lactation. Beyond that first year as a mom, Healing Mix offers continued nutritional support for all moms.

The benefits are all good reasons to give yourself a little boost every day. Imaging gifting a new mom a few bags of Healing Mix in a gift basket. It’s all about the baby, but this is a little care package for mom to ensure she’s looking after herself too.

Doctors across Canada have learned about Healing Mix and are now recommending it to new moms (some offices may have samples) and many midwives, doulas, lactation consultants have been giving out samples as well. We do know that Healing Mix has been in the hands of some A-list celebs as well which is pretty cool.

now for mothers healing mix

But. At the end of the day, you want to try Now For Mothers Healing Mix for you, not because me or a doula or a Hollywood celeb thinks you should. Consider how you’re feeling mom – if you’re a new mom, a mom of toddlers or a mom like me with school-age kids and a preschooler. If you’re tired, need an energy boost, and would like to have a nutritional addition every day without spending money on one of those shake products that aren’t a fit for you, check out Healing Mix the next time you’re out shopping.

Look for Now For Mothers Healing Mix, now with a new lower price at $20, on store shelves available across Canada in the vitamin section at major retailers including Rexall, London Drugs, and select Loblaw, Superstore, Fortinos, Dominion, Your Independent Grocers and Zehrs. For an exact store location near you visit:


One of our readers is going to WIN 2 bags of Now For Mothers Healing Mix plus a $100 Visa Gift Card to purchase everything to need to make some delicious meal or snack combinations!


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