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1 in 5 Canadians lives in a Food Desert. What is it? A Food Desert is defined as a geographic area where affordable, high-quality fresh and nutritious food is difficult to access. While found across Canada, Food Deserts are especially prevalent in northern towns where locally grown food is limited, where there are few stores, or where it’s expensive to bring real food in.


The plight of people living in Food Deserts has come to light with recent media attention, but I’ve been aware of it for years being part of the RCMP community in Canada. Families posted to northern communities, having lived their whole lives in an urban or lush rural area, are often shocked and appaled at the scarce availability of fresh food and the high prices attached. They know that in 2-4 years they will move on to the next post. But what of the people living in Food Deserts their entire lives? What does their nutrition consist of and how can we be OK with asking them to pay more for nutritious food without looking for a solution instead?

Through the Real Food Movement campaign, Hellmann’s is helping Canadians understand the plight of others in our vast country who live in Food Deserts. Check out the video below for a unique way they shared this message recently:


To amplify the conversation, Hellmann’s is encouraging consumers to share how much they pay for tomatoes using the hashtag #MyTomato on social media.


It helps bring personal awareness (I toodled over to my neighborhood grocery store and really saw how much fresh, low priced produce we have, in contrast to the video above, so I could take a picture this week) and also helps create further awareness online, when followers wonder, “What’s #MyTomato all about?”

Consumers can also sign a petition to help Canadians get access to healthful food through the brand’s Facebook page. Hellmann’s will also be donating $75,000 to the Northern Farm Training Institute to fund greenhouse construction to create long-term food solutions.


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  • I’m not in the north but living in a tourist town everything is super expensive. We have a great farmers market in the summer but during the winter the state of our produce is pretty sad. I know it is so much worse in the north. I had a friend who worked in Wood Buffalo and couldn’t get fresh produce at all! When a head of lettuce did come in to the store it was wilted and super expensive!

  • I signed the petition as its very important that all canadians have access to healthy foods at affordable prices.

  • I signed the petition. My mother had a friend who lived in Iqaluit for a while, so I knew, through her, how expensive items could be.

  • Having spent time in Nunavut, I am fully aware of the struggle the people face when it comes to finding and eating fresh, healthful food at a reasonable price. Great for Hellmann’s in trying to help promote awareness of this issue in order to effect change.

  • It is very important that we all have access to healthy foods. My brother and sisters live in smaller communities and access to fresh produce is a big problem.

  • I will go an check this out,,good points, My son in law work in the Northwest Territory for two weeks and the price of the food was triple and more then what we pay here.

  • I’ve heard of this, but we are fortunate that we have an abundance of food in our Southern Ontario Markets. We are spoiled by this, and would have a hard time grasping that this does occur.

  • I signed the petition! I am so lucky to live in Ontario where we have easy access to inexpensive food and would love for others to have the same.

  • Sometimes it takes a movement for the things we take for granted, like affordable food. We are lucky to live where we do.

  • I’m a lucky Southern Ontarian, where ti isn’t difficult to find fresh, affordable and even locally grown food. Having lived in a remote area, I can certainly understand how eating healthy and fresh food can be cost prohibitive. I’ve seen virtually rotten cantaloupes priced at $10+
    The key is definitely growing locally and eating in season. For food to be picked unripened and shipped across the world, to be barged to a remote post – of course there’s a remarkable expense and subpar (if any!) product available!

  • Good for Hellmann’s! That’s wonderful 🙂 I myself wasn’t aware of a Food Desert before but you have sparked my interest! I’m off to investigate!