Planning My Ideal Island Vacation

How much of your country have you seen? Are there areas you often think you’d like to visit “one day” but realize with each passing summer vacation that the kids are a year older and you still haven’t reached “one day”?

About 6 years ago, we packed up two kids in an SUV and made the drive from Saskatchewan through the Rockies and across the BC interior over to Vancouver Island. It was a long drive, no doubt, but it was one of those family memories I’ll always have and talk about, even if the kids don’t remember much themselves.

Now that we’ve visited the west coast, I’ve said more than once to my husband that “one day” we should visit the east coast, and specifically Prince Edward Island because of everything there is to see and do.

PEI is more than great lobster and even better golf. Canada’s smallest province is home to great culture, scenery, culinary treats and activities and one visit to the Tourism PEI website has me hooked!

Tourism PEI
Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI


The Tourism PEI website is the perfect planning partner, because it expertly shares (almost) everything there is to see and do on the Island. From sandy beaches boasting miles (ahem, kilometers!) of coastline and picturesque boardwalks to lighthouses making the perfect backdrop for the family photo you’ve always wanted, PEI is as pretty as it is rejuvenating. I say “almost” everything is shared on the Tourism PEI website because I just know that there are some local favourite spots or undiscovered restaurants that we may stumble upon on our own too!

Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI
Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI

I would certainly want to spend a day on the beach, taking in the sights and sounds of the ocean, and then definitely would want at least a morning or afternoon to visit some lighthouses (and yes, get that perfect family photo with it in the background!

Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI
Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI

My husband, undoubtedly, would like to take advantage of an authentic lobster excursion with a genuine lobster-fishing crew (it was actually featured on Live with Regis & Kelly)! Yes, that’s one of the adventures listed under Authentic PEI Experiences on the Tourism PEI website – how great is that?

Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI
Photo courtesy of Tourism PEI

There’s nothing like getting tourism information from people who live in the area- they undoubtedly have the best information and ideas on experiences and what they’re most proud of in their home province. Tapping into this resource, Tourism PEI has an Ask An Islander section on their website, enabling you to ask locals your tourism questions while planning your visit! I love this feature, and it certainly speaks to the pride of PEI residents. You can also follow #AskAnIslander and #PEI on Twitter for information as well!

Although this post has been generously sponsored by Tourism PEI, the opinions and language are my own, and in no way do they reflect Tourism PEI.


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  • I have always wanted to visit there, looks like a wonderful place with beautiful scenery and lots of delicious seafood!!

  • I’ve never been to the East Coast but I would really love to go! It looks so beautiful and I’m a big seafood lover so it would be a great vacation spot!

  • I haven’t visited PEI since my dad lived in New Brunswick many years ago. It is such a beautiful place and one I would love to revisit! 🙂

  • We have been to PEI many times and it never gets tiring. Just such a beautiful and friendly place.

  • I have never been out of Ontario! We too always say, one day, we will visit the east and west coast! I truly hope I can, it looks stunning

  • I’ve always lived in Ontario, but my father was from Nova Scotia. We made many trips out that way. I’ve been to Quebec, Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, PEI and even Labrador, but I haven’t ventured east yet.

  • I would love to go to the Maritimes! I have never been to that part of the country, past Quebec. It seems really beautiful from pictures and movies. I have been to BC, but not farther than Kelowna, I would love to see Vancouver some day. Canada is beautiful and I hope one day I get to travel it!

  • Always wanted to go to PEI! My husbands family is from Nova Scotia so hopefully when we take a trip out that way we can plan to see PEI as well. Ive read all the Anne Of Green Gables books, and have been in love with PEI since grade 4 🙂

  • It’s been about 15 years since I last visited PEI. I would love to go back sometime soon.

  • I’ve never been to PEI but I have driving in a van without AC from Victoria to Niagara Falls with 4 daughters ! We had a blast and saw some so much of this beautiful country!