Arash’s Day Off #HelpGiven

What interesting timing to share this awesome campaign from BMO Bank of Montreal. Just last night, I was in a Twitter discussion and random acts of kindness came up. When asked what we do to help others, it was heartwarming to see all the little (and big) ways we contribute to our communities daily whether that’s in volunteering at school, buying a coffee in the drive thru for the car behind you, or organizing a holiday hamper for a family in need. We’re giving, by nature. Sometimes, life gets hectic and we get wrapped up in our own stresses and forget about those acts of kindness that can change someone’s full perspective simply because you took the time that day to show them you cared.

BMO employees are the “we” in “We’re Here to Help” and they’re at the heart of what BMO feels makes them different from any other bank. Through a series of casting calls in Toronto, Montreal and Chicago, BMO found employees who live the brand everyday and helped make this video and event a success.

Each of the BMO employee teams brought forth interesting stories from their communities – all of which were carefully reviewed and subjected to a thorough screening process. In the end, Arash’s story was simply the most relatable, and perfectly reflected BMO’s special banker-client relationships. Take a moment to watch this video below, and if you don’t have a smile on your face by the end, I just don’t know what (I may have to insist on a day off for you too!)

Don’t you love it?  In case you’re wondering what Arash ended up doing on his day off, BMO checked Arash into a Toronto hotel, where he was treated to a well-deserved day of rest and relaxation. BMO employees did indeed work behind the counter that day (and were assisted by Arash’s deli employees). While this was a pilot project, BMO may be doing more in the future – I certainly hope they do!

Here’s your takeaway today, if you know someone in your community like Arash, let them know you appreciate them and show them you do. While you may not be able to do what BMO did, certainly a small gesture of kindness is a way to give and as I said earlier, you can change a person’s entire perspective on their day with a simple act of kindness, of giving help.

Enjoy your day, my friends, and put some good out into the universe today!

This is a sponsored post, but my opinions, as always are my own!


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  • THIS is amazing!!!!
    Just today my boss came in saying someone covered his coffee at the TIm’s drive -thru. All about random acts of kindness!

  • That is really nice of the BMO to do this for a client. I really enjoyed this and wish Arash’s all the very best. May he have many more busy busy days with tons off customers. My hat is tipped to the workers from BMO who did this. Awesome! Great post, brightened my day!

  • What a heartwarming, real life story that brought tears to my eyes. This is what I love to see in the world. BMO stepped it up for their client without asking for anything in return. Pay it forward, it’s an amazing act of random kindness 🙂

  • Sometimes (actually most of the time) people can just be so nice. My sister-in-law is a bank manager at a BMO and I know she’d love the opportunity to help a needy person in her community.