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How Do You Add a Little Joy to Breakfast?

Nutella breakfast pizzaHow are your mornings, mom? I don’t mean after the kids are out the door, that first delicious cup of coffee while listening to the radio and turning on your computer for the first time that day. I mean, the hour before that when the house is a flurry of activity and chaos and you’re wondering for the hundredth time (it seems) why you’re not like those moms on Pinterest that pack the backpacks the night before, all fancy and lined up by the door (in perfect lighting for a fabulous photo, naturally.)

Mornings are a really hectic time in our household, when three kids are up (sort of) and getting ready (sort of) for school and I’m packing lunches and signing field trip forms. My husband leaves before we’re awake in the mornings so the bulk of the fun rests with me (again, why am I not doing more of this stuff at night? See, I’ve asked myself 101 times now!)

While cereal certainly has its place in our morning routine, I like when I have my mommy-game on point and can surprise the kids with something fun during the morning craziness. Truth be told, this part doesn’t take a lot of effort but they don’t need to know that! Here are three Nutella-inspired ideas that you can use in your busy mornings to Add A Little Joy with Nutella!

1. Nutella Breakfast Pizza
Use tortillas and instead of rolling them up (which is so delicious with Nutella!) spread it as the base of a breakfast pizza and top with whatever yummy ingredients you have on hand. Better than a Chicago deep dish pizza!

bananaSandwich2. Banana Open Faced Sandwich
Does anything beat Nutella and bananas? Truly? It’s my absolute favorite and this breakfast is so easy yet so delicious, you’ll earn mom points just for suggesting it!

bananaLoaf3. Banana Loaf with Nutella
Banana bread is one of the few items I can actually bake well and for that reason, we have it in our household often (and for that reason, my freezer is also packed with bananas!) Just adding Nutella spread to banana loaf takes it to a whole new level! If you can manage to get the loaf in the oven the morning-of, you’ll experience the amazing flavor of warm, creamy Nutella on banana bread. I wouldn’t blame you if you baked a banana loaf after the kids left for school, for this reason!

You can find more recipe ideas at the Nutella Add A Little Joy microsite here, along with details on how you can get your own Nutella Spife for more Nutella goodness in your life (and on your plate!) It’s true! You can find a sticker on the inside of the cap on specially marked Nutella jars and then use the PIN code to get your own Nutella Spife! Also on the Add A Little Joy microsite, visitors can play the Spoon It or Spread It game to win instant prizes!

Nutella Add a Little Joy giveawayLast week I shared on Instagram how I was fortunate enough to receive my own personally branded jar of Nutella! A few people asked how they could get their own, and I’m happy to share that I have an exclusive opportunity to do just that!


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