3 Creative Spring Break Ideas to Surprise Your Family

Dog sledSpring break is a great time to create a new experience for your family that will provide lasting memories. The best way to take advantage of this time is to think outside of the box for activities. Here are three spring break ideas you probably didn’t think of, but are sure to provide some thrills:


  1. Last-minute getaway – Sometimes waiting until the last minute pays off, and this is often the case with beach vacations. If you’ve had it with winter and are feeling the urge to escape with your family to someplace warm, now is a great time to check your favourite travel site to see if you can get a good price on a hot holiday.Before booking, remember that there are some considerations that go hand-in-hand with travelling across borders. A big one is travel insurance. Western Financial Group recommends speaking with your insurance broker who will help ensure that you have coverage that meets the unique needs of every member of your family.


  1. Dogsledding in the Rocky Mountains – Imagine taking in the majestic Canadian Rockies while racing through the snow on the top of sled. Dogsledding in the mountains is quickly gaining in popularity and there are now several operators catering to groups of all sizes. Whether you are a dog-lover or not, the power and discipline involved will have you in awe. Just be ready to yell “mush!”


  1. Links and slopes on the same day – Skiing and golfing might not seem compatible, but for a brief window in March, they can be. The large elevation changes in British Columbia’s Okanagan Valley let you tee off in the morning and end your day carving some tracks on the hill.If you plan on driving to the Okanagan, keep in mind that you will likely encounter some wintery conditions along the way. Western Financial Group reminds people to make sure they keep their winter tires on their cars until late April and to ensure they have an emergency kit stashed in their trunk before setting out on a road trip. This kit should include blankets, food, water, candles, matches and an adapter or batteries so you can charge your cellphone.


Whether you are taking on a brand new adventure this spring break or pursuing your favourite hobby, have fun and stay safe! More information on travel insurance is available at



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