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OOKPIX Canvas (With 50% Discount Code!)

ookpix_circleBy Tara Richter…

The day the large cardboard box marked “fragile” showed up on my front step with the little Ookpix sticker, I couldn’t get in the house fast enough to cut open the box to see my photo canvas inside. I hadn’t even taken my boots off as I pulled the 36×17 print out and was instantly teary eyed.

ookpix canvasThe quality of the photo and final product was absolutely beautiful! My sister, a professional photographer, snapped some photos in the fall at the end of football season of my son in his gear. With her creative style, she came up with this stunning composition. The quality of the print on canvas instantly turned this great photo, into a fantastic piece of art.

Originally I planned on putting in in my son’s bedroom along with his other football stuff, but after seeing this amazing canvas, I knew it just had to be on the main floor where I could see it everyday, and so I placed it on the wall near the living room. Already I’ve had numerous admirers express how incredibly stunning this Ookpix photo canvas looks on the wall.

I really love Ookpix because its so incredibly easy to use. I also love the fact that it is based IN Canada, making shipping costs affordable (nothing says affordable like FREE when shipped anywhere in Canada). They are really fast too; within the same week of hitting submit online, the special package arrived on my doorstep.

Placing an order for a photo canvas is really simple with a few basic selections;

1. Select photo orientation (portrait, landscape, or square)
2. Select size & hit “create”
3. Upload photo
4. Finalize and Make Payments

It is really that easy. I think using Ookpix is one of my favourite things to do for holiday gift giving because it is something that is completely unique, personalized, and affordable. They offer lots of different options too aside from photo canvas including photo books, calendars, INSTAcrylics and more!

Use code FEISTYFRUFABFOUR for 50% off your order until January 1, 2015!

Tara Richter works full time and is a(2)

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  • I love the picture you had done. I am going to check out this site and very excited to see some of my pictures on canvas. Thank you for the code.