Fostering Curiosity – TELUS Spark in Calgary

TELUS Spark is called a NEW kind of science centre. Why? Well, they explain that a predicted labor shortage in Alberta will climb to 332,000 workers by 2015 (that’s just a decade away!) and those shortages include the science, technology, engineering, art and mathematics sectors (STEAM). By creating a new kind of science centre, TELUS Spark hopes to foster curiosity, creativity, collaboration and ultimately the skills needed for further innovation. It starts at a very young age, as parents know, so I think this is a fantastic initiative and future-planning not only for Alberta but across Canada as well.


TELUS Spark is a modern science centre.  Today, children (and adults!) are very much accustomed to having information at our fingertips.  And so, science centres have had to evolve to be the same, but of course in a much more detailed way.  Expect to be very hands-on while at TELUS Spark, which enables you to experience the process of science for yourself (yes mom and dad, that means you too!)

With over 120 exhibits, TELUS Spark has something for all of us.  By partaking in the process of science, we actually nurture the creative, innovative side of our brains that fuels scientific thought process and discovery.  With everything that keeps us busy as parents, when was the last time you were naturally curious about how something works, or why something is the way it is?  It feels good to be able to step out of the daily routine and simply have some wonderment and awe if just for an afternoon.

Perhaps one of the biggest attractions of TELUS Spark is that it’s indoors which means it can provide year-round fun for families.  I know when we visit Calgary, we’re often kept busy in the summer with outdoor activities, but in the cooler months if you’re not heading to the mountains, sometimes figuring out “what to do” for a day in Calgary takes some creative thinking.  I encourage you to check out TELUS Spark the next time you’re in the city, and if you hold an annual membership at another science centre in Canada (we have one for the Saskatchewan Science Centre), you can use it here too which – of course – gives you an added value and even more reason to stop by (if you don’t have a membership to your local science centre I really encourage you to get one!)

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