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Skechers for Spring!

skechers kids logoIt’s finally spring and parents everywhere are frantically scouring store shelves for rubber boots to help avoid soggy socks and pants on our kids.  Once the rubber boot conundrum is taken care of, what about your kid’s sneakers or “inside shoes”.  Chances are, if your family is anything like ours, sometime between Halloween and St.Patty’s Day, your kids feet have grown at least one size, if not more!  It’s like feet grow while the ground is covered in snow, surprising us in the spring like a bunny popping his head out of the grass, except it’s toes peeking out of socks.

Skechers for springWhen I discovered that my daughter’s indoor shoes for Kindergarten were a size 10, and that she had actually moved up to an 11.5 I felt like a bad mom!  To be fair, she didn’t tell me her toes were squished and I only noticed when she had her shoes home over spring break.  Whoops!  Thankfully, I had these Skechers Girls Skech-Air Athletic Sneakers ready for her when school resumed and she’s been thrilled since.

What’s not to love? These shoes slip-on easily with a bungee-laced design like ‘grown-up’ shoes, and have a memory foam insert to keep little feet comfortable. They have an air cushioned Skech-Air outsole with translucent air pocket cushion design and air pillow pockets that add more bounce to every step.

Last summer I shared my review of the new Skechers GoWalk shoes, the shoes I didn’t expect to love!  Now, Skechers has GoWalk shoes for girls too!  I am going to get my 6 year old a pair for the summer because I know how comfortable they are and they were my go-to comfy shoes last summer for myself.

Skechers GoWalk for girls
What about you? Have your kid’s feet grown while you were busy shoveling the snow this winter?

One of our readers is going to win their choice of kid’s athletic shoes from Skechers this spring!  Go for some new kicks for the basketball court (or a recess game of tag!) or maybe some new GoWalk shoes for spring and summer comfort.  Enter below for your chance to win!

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