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A Feel Good Grilled Cheese Sandwich

dempsters zero bread

If you haven’t visited the Dempster’s Facebook page lately, it would explain why you’re confused about the above photo!  You see, to celebrate new Dempster’s Zero bread, they’ve created a fun app on Facebook where you can star in your very own romance novel.  They’re positive you’re going to love Dempster’s Zero bread something fierce and therefore are inspired to share the romance!

What’s not to love about new Dempster’s Zero bread?  With no added fat or sugar, this truly is feel good bread!  Use it in place of your usual bread and cut the fat and sugar just like that!  Or, you could be like me and be inspired to cut the calories and fat even more and adjust an old favorite to make it a little more healthy!

Dempsters Zero Bread feel good grilled cheeseI used Dempster’s Zero bread this week to make grilled cheese – but not the kind you may be used to.  Instead of making it in frying pan with buttered bread and processed cheese slices, I made a feel good grilled cheese sandwich.

I replaced the frying pan with a panini maker and therefore didn’t need any butter or margarine on the bread.  I also used real marble cheese instead of processed cheese and of course Dempster’s Zero bread.  The result was an ooey gooey delicious grilled cheese sandwich that I could feel good about serving my family for lunch.  Add a side of sliced fruit instead of fries or creamy soup and you’ve got a filling lunch that kids will love.

Now that’s sharing the love.

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