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Ready, Set, Refresh With Starbucks!

Oh the lazy crazy days of summer! I don’t know for sure, but I’d wager that like me, you’re not exactly swaying in a hammock all summer enjoying the so-called lazy days! Sure, we love summer holidays, the sun on our skin and sand in our shoes but the day to day fun of summer can certainly wear a mama out! I need my vices. I need my favorites that keep me going and keep mama happy and not hangry (hungry + angry = hangry!)

Thankfully, Starbucks gets it and even offers me a deal for returning back later in the day when I need a recharge to keep me going!

Treat Receipt is back at Starbucks Canada!

Purchase your favorite drink from Starbucks Canada before 2pm, then bring back your receipt later in the day for a COLD GRANDE BEVERAGE for just $2!

Offer valid until August 11th!


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  • Sweet! Thanks! Does that have to be at the exact same starbucks location? I am moving across Canada and this would be a good reason to stop at Starbucks.