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Big Accomplishments Start With Small Steps

tenille lafontaine mommy blogger canadaWe all know that living a healthy lifestyle requires commitment. The facts on healthy eating are not hard to find; we know including dairy products and fruits and vegetables are great ways to live healthier, yet many of us simply don’t get enough. We don’t get enough exercise, downtime, or perspective in our lives either! So, just because we know what’s good for us, it doesn’t mean we actually apply those ideas to our own lives as we should. – part of the Dairy Farmers of Canada website family – is dedicated to helping Canadians get enough of the good stuff in our lives. Using a fun tool called Goal Getters, participants can sign up to complete healthy living challenges and earn badges to help keep track of their progress.

Categories within the Goal Getters tool on include Nutrition, Fitness and Live Better. Each category then offers participants ideas on how to take small steps towards a healthier lifestyle. I love this concept because, in my opinion, the small steps lead to big accomplishments.

I’ve been participating in Goal Getters for the past few weeks and have been sharing my badge accomplishments on Facebook with my blog readers. Goal Getters tasks like “Use commercial breaks to feel the burn” are simple to practice in our household, and of course the real goal here is to continue healthy habits after the badge is earned.

Did you know that over one third of children between the ages of four and nine get less than two servings of milk products every day? I learned this and many more interesting facts about milk through the Goal Getters tool and the site.

While my kids don’t have trouble getting their daily servings of milk, it’s an area that I definitely need to improve for myself. The Goal Getters tool has some great ways to help incorporate dairy into my diet within the Nutrition category. I earned a Goal Getters Badge just this week by incorporating more milk products into my everyday routine. A few tips I learned are to prepare pudding for dessert using milk or dipping vegetables in yogurt instead of dressing. See? Easy!

I encourage you to check out and bookmark the site so you can come back often to earn badges and learn valuable tips on healthy living. After all, it’s about the small steps and, when you think about it, a bunch of small steps can turn into a marathon once you put them together.

Only 1 in 3 Canadians gets enough milk products.

With Goal Getters, you’ll see how small steps can lead to a healthier lifestyle, which includes getting your recommended servings of milk products – every day. See ways to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

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Disclosure: This post was brought to you by Dairy Farmers of Canada via Glam Media Canada. The opinions expressed herein are those of the author and are not indicative of the opinions or positions of Dairy Farmers of Canada.


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  • Congratulations on your lifestyle change. I find we don’t drink enough milk and we should because it has so many benefits. Thanks for the tips about the pudding and dip, and this informative post 🙂

  • we go through yogurt like it’s going out of style..and cheese! LOVE putting plain yogurt on a baked potato or perogies instead of sour cream too.

  • My kids get a ton of dairy and milk (probably on the “too much” end of the spectrum) but great tips 🙂

  • While I love milk and cheese, I am not sure that you should be “getting enough milk”. But everybody should make their decision anyway, based on how their body is working. I think you should listen to yourself, rather than taking a advice aimed at a wide audience… just my two cents.

  • Good for you!! I try very hard to eat healthy, and make healthy meals and snacks for my kids. I try and work out when the kids are napping and at school. I like to snack, but I choose healthy snacks. I do enjoy chocolate and candy but I don’t overdo it. I won’t deprive myself. But I won’t go crazy on the junk food. I am at a healthy weight and heigh for my age and of course chasin two little ones keeps me in shape as it is. Thanks for the great read and tips!!!

  • Thanks for the great post! You encouraged me to make sure that my kids are getting enough dairy products each day.

  • I try to set an example about eating healthy with the kids but it is so hard to practice what you preach!!!

  • What a great step in setting examples for your kids and starting a healthier lifestyle. Might need to incorporate this into my family’s lifestyle too.

  • I recently got back into exercising regularly, I get up each morning at 5:30 and do a booty camp workout and I’m also tracking my calories, I think it’s important for my kids to see me working out and eating better, they already make great choices but I want them to continue to make great choices, I’m going to check this website out today! Thanks for posting.

  • Setting goals for yourself and for your family are important. My children set goals for themselves and this helps them to visualize, and eventually fulfill their goal.

  • thanks for the tips!! i will have to remember them!! congrats on the new life (lifestyle change)

  • I think its smart to talk about small steps because people only pay attention to the big ones. But small ones – a little more activity a day, a cup of milk at least once a day – can add up and contribute to ones overall health.

  • Thanks for the tips! It’s important to remember that little steps are always the building blocks for success.

  • Small steps definitely make a goal more achievable and help keep my motivation high. Good idea to exercise on commercials! We don’t do milk here because of the health concerns, but we do try to get calcium through other healthy food choices.

  • I just don’t like milk…ugh. I know that small changes are helpful in the long run…I’ve had to learn that having huge health issues over the years. I do take my vitamins including calcium. Thankfully I like cheese and yogurt. I’m trying to be eat more fruits and veggies too!

  • my son loves milk and fruit i have a hard time with the veggies however, trying to live a healthier lifestyle myself and encourages the rest of my family to stay on track with me. thank you for posting blogs and links its good to know im not the only one out there that needs advice!

  • We have made so many changes this year in our home so we can all live a healthier lifestyle. 😉