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Costco Photo Developing – SALE!

costco photo sale

Heads up!  Costco is having a BIG sale on photo developing for 4×6 prints, probably the best one they have all year.

From February 21 to March 3, order your prints online and pay just 8 cents per print!

That’s huge, when many places regularly charge 20 cents per print (or more, yikes!)

NOW is the time to upload all those vacation pictures or holiday pictures and print them out by the hundreds.  This is the sale I look forward to all year and when I upload a year’s worth of photos for printing.

My suggestion, do a few orders so that you can group your prints.  Otherwise ALL 500 pictures you upload to print, for example, will come to you in a few boxes and not necessarily in the order you uploaded them either.  So, if you want to be organized from the start – upload your vacation photos in one order, your holiday pictures in another, and your Winter 2012 pics in another, for example.

There’s no minimum order so just ensure you keep track of your order #’s once they are placed, so that you get all your orders when you go in for pick up!

There’s no deadline for picking up your photos, you just have to ensure that your digital images are uploaded and ordered by March 3rd to qualify for 8 cents per print.

The next step, once they’re picked up, is getting them into albums!  I am a little (ok a lot!) behind on that part.

Happy organizing!


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    • If you’re printing Mexico pictures and you just got back I’m going to bow down to you. I’m working back to June’s Disney trip!