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Nine 90’s Trends

I loved the 90’s.  The decade covers my teen years, having graduated smack dab in the middle of it, and carried me through to my first years out in the world at collage, working, and meeting my husband.  I’m in a 90’s mood this past little while on the blog, and in that spirit I bring you my top nine 90’s trends.

doc martens

Doc Martens had been around for decades but surged in popularity in the early 90’s as part of the grumge fashion trend.  My Docs were blue, and I loved them and wore them with my jeans and my tights and flowered dresses because I was cool like that.  Does anyone remember how incredibly painful they were to break-in though?  There’s even articles online on how to break in your Doc Martens to save you the pain of achy feet.  Oh the pain of fashion.  It was worth it though to look that cool.

the Rachel

The 80’s had Farrah, we had Rachel.  Jennifer Aniston’s character on Friends – undoubtedly one of the most popular shows of the 90’s -had a haircut that was copied by millions of girls and women in North America and beyond.  I did it (what trend didn’t I fall victim to in the 90’s?) and this one actually worked out well.  It was a super easy do with all those layers!


Digital Pets were a huge fad for awhile in the second half of the 90’s.  I think I had a fish once and I don’t think it lived long (it was annoying always wanting to be fed and played with, ugh!!)  Thank goodness I didn’t have kids in the 90’s…


If you were in your teens or twenties in the 90’s don’t even try and tell me you didn’t determine which Spice Girl you were.  I won’t believe you.  Me? I liked the feisty Ginger Spice.  And yes I zing-a-zingahhhh’d to their songs at the bar in the 90’s.  For all their marketing avenues, the Spice Girls did one thing right – they were part of the Girl Power movement in the 90’s and inspired many girls.


Hypercolor.  WTH.  This is one fashion trend I avoided even when it was everywhere!  Why – oh why – did we want to wear clothing that actually highlighted where we were sweating?  Ew.  Let’s not bring this one back, OK?

Kurt Cobain

Kurt Cobain.


If you know me in real life (as opposed to this imaginary world on the internet!) you’d know that I have a huge fascination and love for Kurt Cobain.  While generations before us can remember where they were when Lennon was assassinated, I know exactly where I was when I heard about Kurt Cobain’s death on April 5th, 1994.  In 2002 I took a pilgrimage to Seattle while visiting family in BC and literally map-quested his old house – that house – where he lived his last days.  A grunge-head to this day?  Maybe.  I was utterly disappointed when I had my last child April 6th and missed an important historical anniversary by one day.  Side note: I did think of the Foo Fighters (with former band mate Dave Grohl) “Everlong” when naming my daughter Everleigh.  Perhaps I’ve shared too much?  ((slinking away into a corner))

babydoll dress 1990s

Ahhh, the baby doll dress!  In 1994 I fell in love with this style (mourning Kurt Cobain perhaps, I became a huge Courtney Love and Hole fan!) and had a dress almost exactly like the one in the photo above!  I also loved the plastic barettes and baby tee’s that fell into this trend as well.  Le Chateau was my favorite store back then.

tatoo choker 90s

The tattoo choker.  It’s ok, I’m just as embarrassed about this as you are.  Let’s not tell anyone, OK?

butterfly clips 90s

Ahhh the butterfly clip!  All the better to rock a corn-row hairstyle in 1997.

So there you have it – nine 90’s trends and favorites.  Everything from digital pets to Kurt Cobain (we know which is #1, right?)  What about you, does this bring back any memories of the 90’s for you?  Is there a trend or favorite I’ve missed that you would definitely count as a favorite?


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