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Gift Idea for Her: MICRO Pedi

I remember, growing up, seeing a pumice stone on the side of the bath tub. It was my mom’s and I wondered what kind of beauty routine required something that barbaric. Ouch! it wasn’t until my early thirties that my feet required some TLC and, remembering that scary stone in the bathtub, I looked for something a little more spa-like to use.  I used a pumice on a flat surface, like a brush of sorts, and that was ok but still didn’t seem to get me the same results I’d get going to a spa or nail salon for a pedicure.

The MICRO Pedi is a product that uses batteries to give the micro-mini rollers (course and extra-course) a 360 degree spin 30 times per second, enabling the device to do the work of several happy spa-workers on your cracked and dry heels.

Retailing for about $49.99 here in Canada, the product is more than a regular pumice stone would be so naturally people wonder if it will work better than an old rock.   I’ve read some awesome reviews online at, for anyone curious on it’s effectiveness.

Trying it myself, I was scared the first time!  I’m not a foot-person and using a pumice stone gave me goosebumps (kind of like nails on a chalkboard) but the MICRO Pedi actually doesn’t creep me out and doesn’t give me that feeling at all.  It’s like a little buzzing massage on my heels that also happens to take away a ton of dead skin (do this sitting on the side of the bathtub and expect some clean up after (let’s just leave it at that!)

You can order the MICRO Pedi in Canada at or by phone ay 1-888-374-0081.

TWO of my readers are going to win a MICRO Pedi to keep their feet in glorious shape this holiday season, or to give away to someone on their list!  To enter, just use the Rafflecopter form below.
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