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Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk Doll

Baby Alive dolls have been popular in our household for a few years now.  For little ones that love taking care of their dollies, Baby Alive makes the whole experience all the more fun, because you may not know what she’s going to say next.

In the case of Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk, this doll says a total of 40 different sayings!  That’s a lot of chatter to keep your little caretaker busy.  Hm, maybe it’s about time she had someone yammering on in her ear for a change, right?

Baby Alive is just learning how to walk so she’ll need lots of encouragement and praise.  If you have an older sibling who has witnessed a baby learn to walk, like in our household, it’s all the more fun because we’ve all been there now!

Comes with temporary batteries but make sure you have 4 “AA” batteries on hand for Christmas morning because this baby is going to have a busy few days once she’s unwrapped!

You can find Baby Alive Baby Wanna Walk at Toys R Us ($59.99), Walmart ($59.95) and Sears ($69.99) in Canada.



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