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Skechers for Fall

Ah the joys of back-to-school!  When I was little I’m pretty sure my back-to-school shoes consisted of whatever cheap (but cool!) shoes I insisted my mom buy me along with a “that’ll do” pair of running shoes to get me through gym class.  Neither she, nor I, had any idea how important proper footwear was to developing feet.  Now that parents know how important proper footwear is, we take a little extra time and spend a little more to ensure our children’s feet are in proper footwear.  That’s not to say that it’s all about the brand – in fact, you can find great footwear for your kids without breaking the bank.

My four year old fashionista doesn’t do a lot of gym activities at preschool but she still needs a supportive shoe that also rocks her style.  She loved her Twinkle Toes shoes last year and even though she’s grown out of them, they’re still in great condition so I’m saving them for her younger sister.  These are her “outdoor” shoes this year, as I figured the twinkling lights would cause a it of a distraction with a bunch of 3 and 4 year olds in the classroom!  This works well for her, since she can wear them to all her activities and outings – she got attention when we were shopping in the mall a week or so ago and loved it.

My son is in grade 3 and has gym time every day as well as outdoor activities on the playground.  His new Mega Flex shoes by Skechers are perfect for outdoor fall weather.  The heel features a real metal spring which my son insists make him bounce higher when he jumps.  Whether or not this is true is debatable but it’s fun to watch him experiment anyway. 😉


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