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iPad2 Giveaway With Clipboard

I’m very excited to announce an awesome giveaway I’ve developed with the company behind Clipboard – a creative new site that’s aiming to be the best place to save and share anything on the web!

I know, I know, when I say that you’re thinking of that other save-and-share site on the web, one that you’re probably already enjoying or maybe have just heard about and wondered what the big deal was.  Clipboard may have some of the same purpose as Pinterest but Clipboard takes things further, bigger, and makes it better.

I’ve had the chance to play around with Clipboard over the past week or so and have discovered why this site is functionally so much better than that other platform.  Here are a few quick things to note:

1. Clipboard allows you to clip, save and share not just images on the web but text and virtually anything else you want to include, including videos!  If you see a great craft or recipe, you can choose to clip the image itself OR the text surrounding it so you could clip the entire step-by-step instructions or recipe!  I love this, especially when I click on an image from Pinterest and then have to click again…and again…and maybe again to get the actual recipe or detail that I want.  This way, you can share exactly the way you want to.  It’s up to you.

2. It’s not ALL about the images.  Sure, it’s imagery that catches your eye and it’s very important, but if you read a great article or a statement that is profound and you want to share it, it doesn’t have to exist as an image – you can clip the actual text onto your board and share it with friends.  I’m having fun clipping some of my friend’s funny Facebook status updates!

3. Your clips remain “live” when you clip them, meaning all hyperlinks and video (yes video!) remains within the clip itself.

4. You can be as public or as private as you want!  I love this feature – you can have several boards available to share but you can also keep some just for yourself to organize.  Surprise family holiday research, or maybe diet or self-motivation tips that you want just for you, without anyone else nosing in on.  Totally possible with Clipboard.

5. Tags (just like Twitter #hashtags) enable you to instantly categorize your clips as soon as you clip them.

Signing up for Clipboard was easy and the site is very user friendly enabling me to start using it right away.  Once the Clip tool is installed on your clipboard you can click on it no matter what webpage you’re on and then clip from the page (think of it as cutting out items from a newspaper or catalog, whatever you see on the page not just what is offered up to you by a program.)

Before you start, I’d suggest taking a look at this great video which highlights the functions of Clipboard (and it will motivate you to jump right in after seeing how cool it is!)

One thing that I have to remind myself of is to click on Publish before I hit Save to ensure my clip is made Public.  Other than that, I haven’t found anything I would change about Clipboard and have been having fun trying it out.  I just  need more friends and more boards to look at and that’s where you come in!

Clipboard and I have developed a fun giveaway to encourage you to try out Clipboard and give you some inspiration to create some amazing boards and show off your creativity!

One of my readers is going to WIN an iPad2 from Clipboard!

This contest has only one entry per person, no bonus entries at all, so it all comes down to you and your creativity!

Clipboard is looking for the most creative boards out there and you have three categories to work with – you can either create boards for all three or just focus on one, it’s up to you but hopefully we’ve come up with three that cover the interests of my readers.  Are you ready?

School Lunches

Weekday Shortcuts

Fall Fashion Fun

You can refer to my Clipboard ( to see what I’ve been working on so far as examples for you all – but I know that there are some amazingly creative people out there who will really rock this contest!

To enter, simply create your Clipboard account and then leave your Clipboard User link  (go to Profile & Settings, then hover over your user name to get the link) as a comment on this blog post!  Then get busy creating and organizing your Clipboard to make it stand out!

If you have questions, you can check out the Clipboard page on Facebook or Twitter or you can ask on my Facebook page as well and I might be able to help – though I think several of you will become experts in no time!

At the contest close date of October 4th at 11:59pm ET, I will close all comments and Clipboard will then review ALL the Clipboard links submitted and choose a winner.  Once the winner is chosen I will post a separate blog post to announce!  Open to Canadian and US residents.  Have fun!


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