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Making Smoothies So Good

So Good products have been a part of our household for almost 4 years now.  When my daughter was diagnosed with a milk allergy at 11 months, that time when most parents rejoice in being able to switch to cow’s milk, we had to find a healthy milk alternative.  Our Pediatric Allergist recommended So Good over any other brand of soy beverage.


So Good soy beverage is fortified with 15 essential nutrients including calcium to build strong bones and teeth, and vitamins D2 and B12 – providing a refreshing and nutritious option for Canadian consumers.

For parents wanting to give fortified So Good to your infant between one and two years of age, we recommend that you consult with a health practitioner. Generally it is considered that fortified soy beverage can be a nutritional replacement for cow’s milk providing that parents provide sufficient fat in the child’s diet.

Just before she turned 2, my daughter’s milk allergy cleared and we were able to start introducing dairy products to her diet. We had become so accustomed to having soy milk in the house, that we still continue to buy it from time to time today 2 years later.

There’s a great Q&A area on the site which can help answer anything else you’re curious about in terms of nutrition and diet.

Amanda over at posted this recipe for Orange Julius at home, so we decided to try it with So Good instead of dairy (which I prefer, I’m not a fan of the taste of milk).  This recipe also works great with regular milk or for an extra kick of flavour try Almond Fresh Coconut.

Enjoy!  Have you tried So Good or made any recipes using soy milk as an alternative?


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