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Go Cruelty Free With Make-Up From The Body Shop

Lily Cole make-up from The Body Shop, carrying the name of activist and brand advocate Lily Cole, is cruelty free but full of pretty (I’m so clever, right.)  Here’s the thing, I don’t pay that much attention to what’s in my make-up.  I know, I know, I really should but I get so tired of the internet-rumors floating around that are untrue that it’s hard to determine what is true.  Still, when I took at look at the below information about what isn’t in Lily Cole make-up, I was a little skeeved out.

Bug shells, fish scales and animal hair – yummy.  Though I’m positive these are not the names used on my other make-up, you can bet I’ll be hitting the Google (ha!) and trying to determine what’s in my make-up now.

The Lily Cole collection from The Body Shop includes Liquid Eyeliner ($15), Pearl Radiance Primer ($22), Shimmer Cubes ($22) and my favorite Mini Hi-Shine ($5) among other items.  Feel good about what you purchase, and even more so about what you’re putting on your face, with Lily Cole products from The Body Shop, available in stores only until the end of August!

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