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Canadian Summer Survey by BIC (with BIC Flex 4 Prize Pack Giveaway!)

The Summer Dilemma for Men – To Shave or Not to Shave?

There is no question according to new Canadian Summer Survey by BIC® Flex 4™

It’s the age-old question… is a man’s scruff or unshaven appearance more acceptable in the summer? Despite the romantic notion that summers in Canada are footloose and carefree, a new survey commissioned by BIC® Flex 4™ disposable razors has uncovered a seasonal secret: men’s grooming habits actually strengthen in the summer months.

A surprising 93 percent of men shave either the same or more often in the summer – and for good reason. Whether at work or at play, the BIC® survey shows the majority of Canadians want a smooth-faced, well-groomed guy. Canadians believe that keeping up appearances at work is key with an overwhelming 88 percent of those surveyed saying it is important to keep facial hair well-groomed at work. And at play? When it comes to kissing their man, almost two-thirds of women (62 percent) prefer their guy to have a soft, smooth shave. Well-groomed facial hair comes in a distant second at 27 percent of respondents.

The Shaving Season

“BIC is ready to help guys put their best face forward,” says Pasqua Chimienti, Brand Manager, Shavers, BIC Inc. “We often think of fall as the time to focus on grooming, but our survey shows that summer is equally as important – maybe it’s because the hockey playoff beards are finally gone! The good news is that technological advances – from pivoting heads to lubricating strips – make it easy and affordable to get a great shave every time.”

In addition to great razors, BIC also offers a few shaving tips to help guys keep it smooth this summer and beyond:

1. Shave in the morning. Your skin is at its best after a night’s rest.
2. Wash your face first. Clean skin will help prevent infection.
3. Use hot water. Humidity and warmth increase skin elasticity and soften the toughness of hair.
4. Apply shaving cream or gel in a circular motion. This softens and lifts your hair and smoothes the skin for a closer shave with less irritation
5. Use both hands. One to hold the razor; the other to pull and stretch your skin. BIC® Flex 4™ razors help in this area thanks rubber guard bar that gently stretches the skin for a more precise shave.
6. Remember hair grows in different directions on your face. First go with the grain, then go against the grain.
7. Keep control. Use short strokes. Don’t press too hard. The four spring-mounted blades and pivoting head of the BIC® Flex 4™ help to distribute pressure and easily follow the sensitive contours of the face.
8. Don’t forget to rinse. When you’re finished, rinse your razor under hot running water – it’s the most hygienic and effective way to clean it.
9. Splash your face with cold water. It will close up your pores.

Smooth Canadians

The BIC shaving survey also uncovered some interesting differences in various regions of the country:
· Cowboys are smooth characters! An astonishing 95 percent of respondents in Alberta said that being well-groomed at work is important – ahead of the national average of 88 percent.
· When it comes to wanting a smooth-faced guy for kissing, Albertans lead the way here too. Seventy-nine percent of western women say “yes” to smooth, well above the national average of 62 percent.
· Ooh-la-la! French speaking Canadians are anti-scruff with 71 percent of these respondents wanting that smooth feeling when up close and personal.

BIC offers men a variety of options to help them make the most of every shave. The BIC® Flex 4™ disposable shaver features four independent, spring-mounted blades for an ultra-soft shave with a lubricating strip with aloe and vitamin E for a smooth glide. BIC® Flex 4™ is sold in three packs at most major drug stores and department stores across Canada ($6.69 – $8.99).

I definitely support my husband shaving more at all times of the year!  Thankfully he has to for his job, but on summer holidays he definitely lets the scruff loose and my face pays for it when I come in for a kiss – ow!!  Thankfully, my friends at BIC sent me a huge package worth $100 filled with BIC razors and a toiletry bag  so now my husband really has no excuse NOT to shave (not if he wants my kisses, anyway!)  😉

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