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It’s All About Co-Play

I’ve shared here that we recently  got the kids a trampoline, after much reluctance on my part.  I’ve been paranoid for years about my kids falling off of one but more and more, they were visiting their friends houses who happened to have trampolines and I guess I felt that, if they were going to bounce, they may as well bounce under my watchful eye!  Or something like that…

So far, it’s been a great summer-fun experience and the kids are absolutely loving it.  They’ve also begged my husband and I to jump with them which, surprising to me, has brought us closer as a family.  Odd, right?  The thing is, the backyard is more of a “play area for them, relaxing area for mom” kind of place.  I’m happy to sit on my deck with a cup of coffee and watch them play but now, we’ve had some great evenings in the yard where mom and dad can both get in some quality time with the kids and the trampoline has been a part of that.

I took these first two shots the other day, practicing using the settings on my DSLR camera, and my son took the last shot himself.  Sometimes it’s fun just to be silly with the kids, even if I tire out long before they do!  The good news here is that my coffee generally stays warm waiting for me in this weather.

How do you co-play with your kids?  Webkinz is taking the co-play idea to a new level within their online world.  How so?  Now, Webkinz isn’t entirely just for kids anymore.  If you’ve found yourself watching over your child’s shoulder and giving them tips while playing Webkinz World or even playing on their account when they’ve been asleep so you can surprise them with a new treat or achievement the next time they play, you may want to listen up!

“Webkinz  World  is  a  family-­‐friendly  brand,  and  we  want  fans  to  enjoy  our  online
world  on  the  platforms  they  have  embraced”…  In  the  7  years  since  we  introduced
Webkinz  World,  we  have  seen  players  grow  up  with  the  game.  They  still  have
accounts,  they  still  love  their  pets  but  they  are  ready  for  a  more  social  environment.
“  -­‐-­‐  Howard  Ganz,  president  of  Ganz  and  creator  of  Webkinz.
Now, teens and parents can play Webkinz Friends on Facebook and earn and send prizes to any Webkinz World account anonymously from Facebook.  So, as a parent you can play on Facebook and then treat your little one’s to a prize in their own account or, if you have a tween or teen that has outgrown Webkinz World, they can continue to play in a different way.
My son (8) has been playing Webkinz for a few years now and my daughter (4) is learning more about it now too.  It’s one of those things that he seems to go in phases of, but now that I know I can jump in and surprise him with a prize via my own Webkinz Friends game in my Facebook account, I’m going to bring his attention back to Webkinz once more (like I need another distraction on Facebook, ha!)
Also, in addition to enabling teens and parents to send prizes from Facebook, Webkinz is also enabling the entire family to play the Webkinz game on the iPad tablet (very soon!)  They’ve also released a ton of arcade-style games for the iPhone and iPod Touch that allow players to send Webkinz currency (KinzCash) to any account.  I wonder what my son would do if he discovered a ton of KinzCash in his account one morning?
Webkinz World ( is now free to play!
To help celebrate the launch of Webkinz Friends and share how parents and teens can now be a part of Webkinz, I have a great giveaway for one lucky reader.  One of my readers is going to win a Webkinz Rockerz pet!

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