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The Body Shop Introduces a New Look to Body Butters

In May, The Body Shop released a new look in the packaging of 7 of their hugely popular Body Butters!  How popular?  A Body Butter tub is sold every 2 seconds!  Now THAT’S popular!

The new look focuses on a single natural ingredient, and photographers actually used a magnifying glass to highlight the beauty of the product used (very cool!) and the packaging is really clean and crisp – fewer words with more focus on the good stuff inside!

We were sent the deliciously addictive Strawberry Body Butter for ourselves – I say “we” because this is a product that I can share with my 4 year old without pause because I’m confident in products from The Body Shop.  Plus, they make her smell delicious – what 4 year old doesn’t want to smell like a strawberry (and admittedly, this 35 year old wants to as well!)

Eventually, you’ll see all the Body Butters available from The Body Shop with the new packaging but they started with these 7 (consider them the cool kids at the table in the lunch room).

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