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Over the past few months, I’ve been sharing (with great anticipation!) the news about the biggest thing to hit the Canadian online shopping world in…well…ever! is finally giving Canadian SHOPPERS the opportunity to score amazing deals on brands not previously available here as well as some of our favorites that we can now get shipped right to our door with free shipping!

When finally launched, do you think I went right to the women’s clothing or shoe’s sections?  Sadly, no.  I’m a mom of 3 and I seem to forget that I’m also still Tenille when I shop too (I need to really start doing that!)  As usual, I went straight to the Baby & Child section and got lost for a solid hour the first time I checked it out!  I’ve been back many times since and am continually impressed with how much more keeps being added!

One item that caught my eye is the Britax B-Ready Stroller.  I have this stroller myself and reviewed it on the site last year.  Not only is it the exact same price at as it is at a popular baby and children’s store, but offers free shipping whereas the other store says it does but it’s actually $20 off standard shipping, so $10 is sneakily added onto the price at the other store’s online checkout.

Plus, when you purchase this item at you earn those awesome Rewards I’ve been telling you about to use for future purchases!  This stroller would get you $13.25 in rewards!

Since I already had the stroller (which I love love love), I checked out all the Britax accessories I could get (and have made a list of what I want to order).

The Britax Stroller Board is something I’ve been wanting for over a year now but could never find locally or in a bigger city an hour away (the elusive Stroller Board!).  It’s just $89.99 and of course has free shipping.

The B-Ready Cup/Snack Holder is genius!  It clips onto the B-Ready stroller and isn’t in the way when lifting a little one in and out like a full tray would be.  It’s just $23.99 and – as always – has free shipping as well.

Of course, Britax isn’t the only huge baby brand that’s available at – the list is really quite long and if you check out the Baby & Child section you can see them all.

Each month the Super SHOPPERS will be bringing you news and product features from, so I tell you what – next month is going to be all about ME.  I’m going to make a  purchase from and it’s not going to be baby related!  I honestly have no idea what it’s going to be because my wish list keeps getting longer when I visit the site.  I guess we’ll all be surprised! 😉

I am part of the SHOP.CA Super Shopper program and I receive special perks as part of my affiliation with this group. The opinions on this blog are my own.


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  • Hmmmm, I guess I don’t see the draw. A couple of the products I pulled up are more expensive than ordering them from other stores (regular priced, not sale prices).

    • Have to agree with you… but then again, how it could be cheaper if the products supplied by the same stores that we buy from anyway. I’m not completely sure how the business model works, but it looks like this site is more about convenience (e.g. shopping all in one place) than about savings and bargains.