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New Almond Fresh Coconut

Earth’s Own has just released a new flavor, Almond Fresh Coconut!  Did you know that you can use Almond Fresh in your coffee and anywhere in your recipes where milk or soy milk are called for?  I love the idea of Almond Fresh Coconut in my morning coffee and can think of a bunch of delicious baking recipes where Almond Fresh Coconut would make a delicious substitute.  The best part?  Almond Fresh Coconut is packed full of nutrition!

Earth’s Own does a fantastic job of answering any questions consumers may have in their Almond Fresh Coconut FAQ section. This is where I learned that Almond Fresh is nutritionally equivalent to milk.

There’s also a recipe section on the site – Almond Fresh Coconut Pancakes anyone??

Almond Fresh Coconut also tastes great on its own (nice and cold!) as an alternative to milk – it has a yummy sweet flavor that’s a nice afternoon pick-me-up.  I wouldn’t think to grab a glass of milk in the middle of the afternoon but I’d reach for a glass of this!

My Canadian readers can find Almond Fresh products in the West at stores like Sobey’s, Superstore, Federated Co-Op and more while my readers in the East can find it at Sobey’s Atlantic, Whole Foods and more.


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