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BigHeds’ Adventure London 2012 App

Full of bright, colorful characters and an easy-to-follow story, BigHeds’ Adventure – London 2012 is a children’s App for the iPhone and iPad that would have been great to have before our own big trips in the past year with our family of 5.

Written by Tumeka Harris,The BigHed’s Traveling Adventure takes your children along while the BigHeds family gets ready for an amazing trip to London to see the Summer 2012 Olympics.  The BigHeds have never traveled on an airplane before and certainly never traveled as far away as London so they are very excited.

Children follow along while the BigHeds family packs (even getting sidetracked like real families do!) and heads to the airport and children learn what a terminal is, how the process works and what to expect on their journey.

The app is for a diverse audience too – it’s available in 7 additional languages (Spanish, French, Japanese, Mandarin, Russian, Italian, and German).

I’d say this App is best for children 6 and under.  There’s the option of reading the story yourself or having the story read to you which is great for younger audiences too.

The BigHeds’ Adventure London 2012 App is available for $2.99 through iTunes.   You can also connect and learn more about the BigHeds on Facebook and Twitter.

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