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Shake Up Your Summer Routine With Dannon Oikos

Summer is upon us and with it comes swimsuit season. It’s kind of a nasty phrase. Who says “Swimsuit season!” with excitement? For most of us, we say it with a sense of dread. “Swiiiimsuit…sigh…season.”

I’m not a dieter.  I can’t be.  I have no will power and I get extremely cranky when I’m hungry.  This is probably not a bad thing since, from what I’ve seen, diets often don’t work and people end up in a yo-yo weight loss situation.

The Dannon Oikos Grab a Spoon Til June campaign embraces the philosophy of eating smarter and making wise choices every day to help ensure a bikini ready body year round.

They’ve partnered with Keri Glassman, a nationally recognized nutrition expert, published author, and founder of Nutritious Life to share advice on how you can shake up your diet and lifestyle in healthy ways. From nutritious foods to healthy snacks, Dannon Oikos and Keri Glassman are your ultimate partners for shaking up one’s routine.

Here’s a great tip from Keri: Keep healthy foods at an easy to grab level so you’re more inclined to use them.  Smart thinking!  We already do this in our pantry, more so because we want to keep the chips and other junk food out of the reach of the kids so it’s all on the top shelf.  I think eye-level is important, so although we keep a bowl of apples on the bottom shelf for the kids to reach, maybe I should move a few up to my eye-level!

You can find more tips from Keri Glassman on the Dannon Oikos site and also on the Dannon Oikos Facebook page (great recipes posted there too!)

1 of my US readers is going to win a copy of Keri Glassman’s new book Slim, Calm, Sexy Diet!

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