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Hello Summer! Nestle Drumstick: Same Great Taste, Bigger Chocolately Nugget

Nestlé Drumstick, Canada’s favourite cone has received a makeover, just in time for summer! Nestlé Drumstick now offers a bigger chocolatey nugget that makes for an enhanced and unmatched eating experience. Fans will love the introduction of this bigger chocolatey tip, because it means an even better Drumstick taste experience than ever before.

The bigger nugget Drumstick cone features the same creamy taste, crunchy nuts and gooey caramel as the original, with a larger chocolatey surprise at the end. An iconic summer delight, Nestlé Drumstick is the perfect summer treat for the beach, backyard barbecues or… just because!

Bigger nugget Nestlé Drumstick cones are available in 12 flavour varieties and offer something for everyone, from strawberry cheesecake for those with a fruity palate, to maple for a touch of Canadiana, to vanilla caramel, the #1 cone choice of Canadians!

Bigger nugget Nestlé Drumstick cones are available in both multipacks at grocery retailers and single serve options, at convenience and gas stores.

Our family was sent a few Nestle Drumstick treats to try out a few weeks ago – yes, Nestle Drumsticks delivered to my door!  Who could say no to an ice cream delivery right??

Nestle Drumsticks are one of my favorite summer treats because they remind me a lot of my childhood.  Maybe my parents, like me, realized that they were an easy treat for little hands to handle and caused less of a mess than a drippy cone?  Or maybe my dad just loved Nestle Drumsticks and passed that love on to me.  Whatever it is, it’s one of those childhood memories I cherish – camping with my parents and getting Nestle Drumsticks from the beach canteen together.

Nestle wasn’t kidding when they put in a bigger chocolately nugget!  Fans who eat the treat waiting for the chocolate at the end will be happy to know that you find it faster because it takes up more of the bottom now!  Wow!

I also really liked the Nestle Mini Drumsticks we received  – perfect for little hands and perfect for me when I want a sweet treat but don’t want to indulge – they’re just the perfect size to satisfy a sweet craving.

The average selling price of Nestlé Drumstick is $7.49 /4 pack, and at $2.49 for ball top and $2.99 for flat top single serve and are available across Canada. The iconic Drumstick ball top cone is 140ml and the Drumstick flat top cone is 130ml.

For smaller appetites, Nestlé Mini Drumstick at 66ml is the perfect size, offering the same deliciousness of the original, at just 110 calories. The average selling price of Nestlé Mini Drumstick vanilla and chocolate variety packs is $8.29 /10 pack and are available at grocery stores across Canada.


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  • Finally! Science is working on something useful! I am a little disappointed that I had to find out like this though. I want something like the Batphone that would ring at anytime day or night. The conversation might go something like this…
    3am- the phone rings
    Me: (A little groggy) Hello?
    Snacky-food scientist: Tim, you need to come to the lab. We’ve had a breakthrough.
    Me: What is it?!?
    SFS: We’ve shoe-horned more chocolate into the drumsticks.
    Me: It’s about damned time. Have the jet fueled and waiting on the runway, I’ll be at the airstrip in 10 minutes.
    SFS: Yes sir. Should we release this to the media?
    Me: Uh… no… give me time to run the appropriate tests. *patting belly* We can’t risk harming the public.
    SFS: Sir, you are somewhat of a hero.
    Me: Hero is a pretty strong word. I just care about the people. How are the clubhouse triple-decker ice cream sandwiches coming along?
    SFS: We’ve had another setback, Sir, but we are working on it around the clock.
    Me: Devote all of our resources to it. WE’RE RUNNING OUT OF TIME!!!

  • My husband would just love to have these. I’m not into nuts and caramel, but he? He would die for these.

  • oh la la, delicious! I would love to try these and for sure the Minis as
    I’m now Diabetic and shouldn’t have much at a time but the minis would
    suffice for a taste.